May 14, 2022 4:07 pm

Tanxugueiras and eurovision victimhood



was seen. The campaign consisted of identifying the Tanxugueiras with Galicia, as if the entire Galician culture were condensed into Sabela, Aida and Olaia. A kind of plebiscite before the rest of Spain with a song that certainly roots its essence in Galician folklore and gives it a coat of paint to bring it up to date with the sounds of our days. Therefore, their participation in the Benidorm Fest was not individually, but little less than as ambassadors of the Community.

And that’s where the trap began, which for days before had been manufactured from nationalism and its related environments: that if the tolerance of the ‘Spanish State’ (because they do not say Spain, but Portugal) was examined with

co-official languages, sensitivity to different cultural manifestations, respect for female empowerment (?)… A whole sample of Manichean clichés and stereotypesIt’s for something that was much simpler than all that: it was a song, a simple song, that could be liked more or less. Even, still liking, that it was conceived as the ideal one to send to Eurovision, a peculiar festival in its idiosyncrasy and where Spain has been subscribed to ridicule for years.

Evidently, once the Tanxugueiras don’t win, the mechanism is set in motion and from the Normalization Table to the party press they come out to shout to the heavens for the “RTVE’s contempt for Galician” which means the victory of another of the candidates. Since mine does not win, here is a neo-ranz conspiracy, machirulera, proto-Francoist and recentralizing, of course. The reasoning is as obscene as it is childish: if I think they are the best, why haven’t they won?

Those who are so used to mixing politics with culture come face to face with reality. Tanxugueiras played an outstanding role in the Benidorm Fest, they took advantage of the opportunity to make themselves known in Spain and much of Europe, and now they will be able to continue their ascending career without having to go to Eurovision and digest the umpteenth bump. Surely if it had been like that, the usual people would ask to leave Europe because they “desprezan or galego”. They are so predictable that they are laughable. Or pity. Or both things.

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