May 19, 2022 7:38 pm

Spain flies towards the semifinals



The Spanish futsal team was faithful to the forecasts and eliminated Slovakia in the quarterfinals of the European from the Netherlands. Always among the top favorites for the title due to her unparalleled continental track record, she did not give rise to any surprises and easily got rid of her rival, demonstrating her superiority from the first minute. Portugal, defender of the title and executioner of Spain in the World Cup and in the previous European Championship, will be the next step in the path of the seven-time champion in her reconquest of the throne.

Convinced by the warnings prior to the match, which spoke of an intense rival capable of putting anyone in trouble, Spain jumped onto the track with maximum intensity.

In terms of quality and tactics, they were favorites on paper, and that was the only way the tie could be complicated, so Fede Vidal’s men applied themselves to go for it all from the start. To such an extent that in barely a minute and a half they took the lead thanks to a goal from Jagged in strategy. The goal of the player from Jimbee Cartagena also showed that in this tournament the team has won in success in front of goal, a luck that in other championships ended up taking its toll.

The 1-0 spurred Slovakia, who redoubled their efforts to force Spain to go back many meters and forced the goal Didac to appear in two major interventions with the foot. The scenario did not bother the seven-time European champion, who did not get overwhelmed and little by little she shook off the Slovak dominance.

So, at minute 9, Sergio Lozano made the second in a brilliant personal play. The player from Alcala celebrated his 100th international match in the best way, with a little step and a cross cannon shot against which the rival goalkeeper could do nothing. It is in exceptional shape and good part of the image and the good feelings that Spain transmits are due to its presence. Both at Barça and with the national team shirt he is in star mode. It makes you think what the team could have achieved in previous tournaments if they had not missed him due to injuries.

Goalkeeper player against the Spanish success

Slovakia tried to change the pace of the game by using the goalkeeper-player and locking up Spain. He did the blocking very well and forced Fede Vidal’s, who used Adolfo as an antidote, to work hard. They suffered, with some good save from Didac included, but the inertia of the crash did not change. At the first opportunity they had, Spain widened the gap on the scoreboard. Raul Campos, with some luck, scored the 3-0 with a bitten shot, in another strategic move.

The Slovaks had no other option and after going through the locker room they came out of five again, but they received a severe punishment again. Smericka cut with his hand a high ball from Boyis that went straight to goal and ended up being sent off. And in the subsequent free kick it was 4-0 after a simple but effective choreography from Spain that led to the Mellado network.

The advantage was great and time was running out, but Slovakia never gave up. He tested Didac, crashed into the wood, and finally reduced the difference by means of Serbin. But as soon as Spain felt that the pass could be complicated, they pressed the accelerator again. Raúl Campos recovered the advantage with 5-1, which would no longer budge. And the impression at the end was that, that the Spanish team had absolute control of the clash and applied the precise intensity at each moment.

Iberian duel for the final

Spain is already where it should be, among the four best teams in Europe, but the goal is still the final victory and ending the worst streak in its history, without titles since 2016. On Friday Portugal, current European and world champion, will raise the level of demand. The Portuguese team was the protagonist in the last two eliminations of Spain in major competitions, European and World Cup, and despite not having the magician Ricardinho, they are going through a sweet moment. However, the latest precedent is favorable to the Spanish team, with two victories (4-3 and 6-0) in a double friendly in the middle of last December.

Looking beyond, the winner will be found in the grand finale to whoever emerges triumphant from the morbid semifinal between Ukraine and Russia.

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