May 17, 2022 3:18 pm

Sánchez announces millionaire investments in Castilla y León in the middle of the campaign



The Moncloa calendar is no stranger to the electoral campaign in Castilla y León. Pedro Sanchez has had in mind for a long time a particular ‘antidote’ against depopulation —a particularly pressing problem in the community where there will be elections on February 13— which is none other than a plan for the broad decentralization of institutions that can land in the territories of the empty spain and thus give opportunities to its inhabitants.

On October 12, at one of the press conferences after the Council of Ministers, the Government spokesperson and Minister for Territorial Policy, Elizabeth Rodriguez, assured that the Executive was addressing the transfer of certain organizations out of Madrid, but that it was doing so with “absolute calm and tranquility”.

However, the electoral advance announced last December by the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, seems to have accelerated the quiet government plans.

On Saturday, in his first campaign act in Zamora, where he supported the socialist candidate, Luis Tudanca, Sánchez announced the imminent execution of the twenty million euros included in the General State Budget for the Monte La Reina barracks in that province. And this Tuesday the Council of Ministers approves the plan to decentralize State agencies.

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opposition leader, Paul Married, in another campaign event over the weekend in Segovia, announced that he would denounce the “materialization” of the Zamorano barracks before the Electoral Board, since he clearly considered it an electoral advertisement. The Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolanos, denied that bringing the decentralizations to the first meeting of the Cabinet in campaign has to do with Castilla y León since, he argued, “it does not affect any province in particular, they are general decentralization criteria.” The strong man of the Executive ironic about the position of the president of the PP: «I understand that the PP does not like that we have invested in Castilla y León. We have increased investments by more than 11%”, he emblazoned.

Just yesterday two other ministers made announcements about the transfer of institutions and investments in infrastructure. The Head of Science, Diana Morant, affirmed that the Spanish Space Agency will be ready in a year and that it will be installed outside of Madrid, while the Minister of Transport, Rachel Sanchez, announced in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) that the AVE service in the capital of Burgos will be up and running in the first quarter. An announcement he made after visiting the Renfe Digital Competence Center, one of the new organizations that is not located in Madrid, as Sánchez and Tudanca themselves have begun to emphasize in their campaign events.

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