May 14, 2022 3:11 pm

“Sad and incredible”: Marcos Galperin’s opinion on a possible scam in Argentinaica by Generación Zoe and said that the case is “sad and incredible”

The founder and CEO of Free Market, Marcos Galperin, got into controversy over the actions of the holding company Generation Zoe -which is being investigated by the Attorney for Economic Crime and Money Laundering (Procelac) and the National Securities Commission (CNV)- and said that the case is “sad and incredible”.

Galperin spoke as a result of a tweet by the programmer Santiago Siri that shows a video in which the head of Generación Zoe, Leonardo Cositorto, tells a crowd that if someone wants to have US$1,200,000 in a year, they have to buy US$3,000 in Zoe Cash, the currency of the group.

“I strongly urge the community to please someone find a prosecutor who can act ex officio and immediately put this person on trial. In the United States, which is what I know best in regulatory terms, Cositorto would already be in jail for saying this.” Siri said.

Last Sunday, the founder of Ualá, Pierpaolo Barbieri said that they will take legal action against Generación Zoe, after Cositorto announced that they had allegedly taken out a Visa card with them.

“Obviously this is a lie. I find it vile and we will take legal action if they use our brand without permission. Here we make honest product. Besides, we would never do something so ugly.” Barbieri said through his Twitter account along with a screenshot of the product they advertised.

“Family, our dream is getting closer! (sic) We have just signed a participation agreement with Pierpaolo Barbieri, CEO of UALA Banking to re-launch our line of credits and Zoe bank accounts! in the next few days we will have news!”, Says the screenshot of a Cositorto chat in a Telegram group called Zoe Latam.

“I think they did not find out that we have an exclusive alliance with Mastercard in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina,” added Barbieri.

Procelac sources said that they made requests for information as a result of the complaints filed with the attorney general’s office so that the holding company could be investigated for fraud, unauthorized public savings capture and market manipulation, among other crimes.

Meanwhile, the CNV had announced that it had initiated an administrative investigation for the possible execution of a public offer and irregular intermediation in the field of the capital market.

Generation Zoe promises monthly returns of 7.5% in dollars to those who pursue a career in coaching and has a cryptocurrency called Zoe Cash that is supposedly backed in gold and is going to trade at US$55 in the middle of this year, when today it is $0.10.

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