May 16, 2022 7:26 pm

Leopoldo Moreau anticipated that when the agreement with the IMF reaches Congress they will seek to modify it

hours after the resignation of the national deputy Maximo Kirchner to the presidency of the bloc in the lower house, his Leopoldo Moreau, who had already spoken out against agreeing with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), affirmed that when the agreement reaches Congress for debate, they will seek to make modifications to alleviate, in their opinion, the impact that what the Government has signed may generate.

“Be supposed to [el acuerdo] it is going to be discussed, for that it goes to Congress”, he said in dialogue with Radio 10 and after that he assured: “For now we are going to draw attention to dangers and risks, and hopefully this wake-up call will serve so that when the memorandums of understanding are signed some issues removed; because if not, we are going to enter a very complex situation”.

In outlining his position on the negotiation, Moreau clarified that he did not speak with the vice president’s son but agreed with his position. After that he said: “We must try to ensure that the discussion is not distorted; default yes or no was not being discussed. In the first place, because with the fund there is no default, money is requested so as not to default with the creditors. With the bottom what there is is blackberry”.

After admitting that this week the country was at a limit with the international organization and assuring that “if it was not closed, there was the possibility of a bank run or devaluation,” he pointed against the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman. “It is his responsibility, because he came liquidating currencies from the beginning of his administration unnecessarily in a negotiation with the fund when there was still no agreement. We pay the fund without having an agreement”Moreau said.

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