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Latest culture news today Tuesday, February 1



If you want to be up to date with all the today’s news, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the essential headlines of the Tuesday, February 1 that you cannot miss, like these:

Jesús García Calero: What are you telling me, singer-songwriter from the nose%u2026!

That the musicians decide with whom they want to share Spotify is the latest fashion, the latest cry, the latest ‘hit’ of the so-called culture of cancellation, which is neither culture nor cancels anything more than collective intelligence, let’s see if we are giving bill. Neil Young opened fire demanding that his songs be deleted if Joe Rogan’s podcast is not removed from the famous platform, whom he considers unworthy of remaining in the same showcase as their holiness the perfect musicians who embrace good causes, according to him.

Young is not in favor of the public being able to choose whether or not to listen to whoever they want, including himself. It does not recognize us any intellectual capacity. First of all wants to send That’s what it’s about.

Rodrigo Blanco Calderon: The Tetaverse

And suddenly, it was like having fallen into a parallel world where everything was boobs. Yes Mark Zuckerberg It scared us a few months ago with the announcement of its Meta, something was happening in Benidorm that in a matter of hours we were absorbed by the Teta. The Tetaverso, a virtual universe in which the entire cosmos was summed up in a tit. In principle, that of a singer named Rigoberta Bandini. Then it didn’t take long for the minister’s empty speech to appear Irene Montero, which is the sure indicator of the degradation of any topic of interest. And finally, we descend to the detritus level of the sociological-twitter analyzes where something as beautiful, nourishing and sonorous as the (word) boob was left mummified, dry and inert.

The INE “kills” the CD in Spain for the calculation of the CPI: vinyl’s revenge?

This year, the National Institute of Statisticsa (INE) has incorporated methodological novelties that improve the precision of the indicator of IPC (Consumer Price Index), as well as a series of changes in the composition of the shopping basket. And according to this organism, andhe CD and DVD are no longer part of our lives as consumers, or at least in a sufficiently relevant way, since the annual expenditure of families on buying products in both formats has disappeared from their list of consumer goods, which includes 955 items.

«Picasso and Dora Maar had a sadomasochistic relationship»

Looking for a very particular gift for your husband, Brigitte Benkemoun, journalist, writer, bought by chance a small diary, from an unknown owner or owner, which included a host of great masters of contemporary art, from Picasso to Balthus, from Brassaï to André Breton, among many others.

Freud, the ‘wishbone’ that blew up the best Dalí

Some hedgehogs with their quills and split in half. A four-minute tape recorded by Luis Bunuel in 1930 where it appears Salvador Dalí i Cusí greedily eating this marine delicacy. And a photo of his son, the surrealist Salvador Dali i Doménech, when he shaved his head as a sign of rebellion. These three components -together with a portrait of his sister- make up the first part of ‘Dalí-Freud, an obsession’, the exhibition that Don Felipe and Doña Letizia inaugurated this Monday at the Lower Belvedere Museum in Vienna, with the federal president , Alexander Van der Bellen, and his wife, Doris Schmidauer, on his first official visit as Kings to Austria. An exhibition that has 100 objects, of which 40 are works by Dalí.

Morante hangs the ‘No tickets’ sign in Valdemorillo twenty years later

In just 8 hours, all the seats available for the bullfight next Saturday, February 5 in Valdemorillo have been sold out. Overwhelmed expectation for the celebration in which last season’s name will appear, Morante de la Puebla, along with Diego Urdiales and Daniel Luque to fight the bulls of Zacarías Moreno. On the day of the celebration, the regulatory quota will be put up for sale.

The face and the cross of childhood in Sorolla’s painting

Goya was an exceptional painter of children. Also, Madrazo and Rosales. The Spanish 19th century is full of distinguished examples of children’s painting. The critic José Francés (he signed with the pseudonym Silvio Lago) said that the essence of Joaquín Sorolla was summed up in three themes: the sea, the sun and the children. But, incomprehensibly, the latter has not been studied in as much depth as his iconic images of beaches. And this, despite the fact that his childhood scenes are what gave the Valencian painter fame and recognition. In ‘Sad inheritance!’, the canvas with which he won the Grand Prix at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900, he immortalizes the children of the San Juan de Dios hospital bathing on the beach to recover from their illnesses. A painting that consecrated him internationally.

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