May 18, 2022 8:50 pm

Galicia aspires to get a slice of the health funds with its “pioneer and benchmark” community endorsement




Leaving aside the troubles that other distributions of Next Generation funds have brought about -see the automotive one, with the battery factory handed over to Catalonia-, the Xunta looks ambitiously at the State-of-the-art health PERTE with which the Government, via European debt, will distribute a cake of €750 million. It does, President Alberto Núñez Feijóo said on Tuesday, adding «all the knowledge, the brains best furnished for research and the entire industrial fabric», with the ambition of being a community that «has been a pioneer and benchmark for years in many aspects of biomedical research”, obtaining, “given the population dimension, a notable success in recent decades”.

The Board has 23 projects (seven public, 16 public-private) involving an amount of 850 million.

100 more than the distribution that will begin to outline in April, when the term to present candidacies ends. Hence, it is assumed that not everyone will be able to attend: that is why the commission set up yesterday, with an initial meeting of the best in the sector at the Cidade da Cultura, will be in charge of select the most “interesting”, those “with real possibilities” to take a slice “This is what it is all about, competing,” warned Feijóo, who added a tagline that already accompanies him whenever he talks about European funds: “We do not want any favored treatment.” But yes a fair selection process. And reward the best.


Galicia is seen with options. «We do not start now, we have been successfully investigating for years», valued Feijóo, who broke down the «curriculum» that the Community treasures, citing examples such as those of Ángel Carracedo in the Galician Public Foundation for Xenomic Medicine, or María José Alonso in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology; and milestones such as being in the top 5 in Spain with the greatest implementation of precision medicine and being the second autonomy that created the most biotech companies in 2020. «If we make smart alliances between researchers, between researchers and pharmaceutical companies, and between researchers, pharmaceutical companies and technology, we are capable of presenting projects that obtain European funds», he predicted.

At initial portfolio The seven public projects (230 million) include the creation of a research center for CAR-T treatments against cancer; and of the 16 public-private (620 million), those dedicated to vaccines, new medicines and the installation of pharmaceutical products stand out; hand in hand with companies such as Grupo Zendal, Televes, Everis or the Kaertor Foundation. “It can be a great industrial project for Galicia”, extolled Feijóo.

The president stressed that “in the coming years, the health sector is going to experience a true transformation,” and called on the administration to “foster public-private collaboration.” It is one of the “invigorating sectors of the economy”, which in Spain accounts for 8.7% of GDP and moves 1.8 million jobs. More than 10,000 people investigate daily in the Community. «Galicia is aware of all this and does not want to be left behind», he stressed. He also made it clear that the projects, of the first 23, that are not submitted to PERTE, could opt for European money through other channels or for the community’s innovation funds. All, he assured, will be “useful.”

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