May 18, 2022 1:48 am

Expectation for a meeting between Alberto Fernández and Sergio Massa on the future of the bloc after the resignation of Máximo Kirchner

Following the resignation of Máximo Kirchner from the presidency of the Frente de Todos bloc in Deputies, after expressing his disagreement with the national government’s understanding with the IMF, expectations are focused on a possible meeting today between President Alberto Fernández and the head of the Lower House, Sergio Massa. The meeting was not confirmed neither from the orbit of the former mayor of Tigre, nor from Casa Rosada, but government sources aware of the dialogue between the two left the possibility open after they assured that last night “they had arranged to see each other.”

It’s about a key day for the Government since the period of extraordinary sessions in Congress begins and the president leaves tonight on a tour to Russia, China and Barbados, for what isIt is hoped that there will already be a defined successor to Kirchner.

Massa first and Fernández later received during the course of yesterday Kirchner’s decision to abandon the presidency of the bloc. When he communicated them to both, he already had the decision made, after talking with his mother, Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who would have expressed disagreement with his decision, according to official sources.

The radicals Leopoldo Moreau and Leandro Santoro, with Máximo KirchnerInstagram @leopoldomoreauok

Máximo Kirchner’s letter was made known yesterday evening and once again generated an internal crisis of proportions within the government alliance. And in one of his harshest paragraphs against Fernández, Kirchner maintained: “It would be more than incorrect to cling to the Presidency of the Bloc when a project of such decisive centrality cannot be accompanied in terms of the present and the years to come. Some may wonder what option I offer. In principle, call things by their name: don’t talk about a tough negotiation when it wasn’t, let alone talk about benefits. The reality is harsh. I saw President Kirchner burn his life in these kinds of situations.”

Yesterday’s resignation letter was surprising, as Máximo Kirchner had already expressed to the president his disagreement with the arrangement that was being reached with the IMF on Wednesday night. Thursday was a key day for the negotiations that got back on track after weeks of little progress and the understanding was made official on Friday. During those frantic hours, no one from hard-line Kirchnerism set foot on Rosada, but Fernández and Guzmán were always in communication with the vice president. Meanwhile, Massa had an active role and in fact was at Balcarce 50 both on Thursday afternoon, when the negotiation began to be defined, and on Friday at noon, after the details of the pact were known. On both occasions he was shown together with the president.

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