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Elvis Presley’s Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham sold for 77,000 euros

Like most celebrities, Elvis Presley also had expensive whims and tastes. One of his great hobbies was collecting cars, in fact, it is estimated that he came to buy more than 200 Cadillacs during his intense life. Among the most outstanding models with which he counted is el Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, a symbol of luxury at the time, which he bought on September 26, 1974 from Madison Cadillac Inc. for 12,512 dollars (about 11,116 euros at current exchange rates). Little was the time that he enjoyed it, since he decided to give it to his doctor in 1976. Dr. G. Nichopoulos owned it until 1985, year in which it was sold to the current owner. He decided to sell it in 1990, but after repenting he bought it a second time and until now he has decided to put it up for sale again.

The buyer paid 77,000 euros for this vehicle that belonged to Elvis Presley – © Car & Classic

This January, British specialists in Car & Classic They put it up for auction the winning bid was 77,000 euros, which translates into about ten times more than the average commercial value of used cars. The model, 5.7 meters long, is equipped with an 8.2-liter V8 engine and with other personalized details added by the ‘King of Rock’, such as special wheels, a sunroof, a ‘full’ gas cap and a statuette of a goddess mounted on the hood. Of course, the engine does not work, although as indicated it is not a serious problem, but rather, due to lack of use. Good thing the parts needed to ‘bring it back to life’ are currently available.

since the vehicle has never been restored, its condition is not perfect, far from it. The interior comes with electric velvet seats with vintage prints that are kept in good condition, but the rest of the cabin shows signs of wear both on the carpet and on the steering wheel rim which is cracked and split, although the dashboard is in good state. It also includes the original radio, automatic climate control, cruise control, electric windows and even rear footrest. Of course, it seems that neither Presley, nor the doctor, nor its later owner used it much, since its odometer shows only 1,725 ​​miles (2,776 kilometers).

The original interiors show the passage of time with some wear in some areas
The original interiors show the passage of time with some wear in some areas – © Car & Classic
The 8.2 liter V8 engine does not work, but due to lack of use
The 8.2 liter V8 engine does not work, but due to lack of use – © Car & Classic

The best thing is that the car comes with all the documentation, including a bill of sale in which it appears Elvis’s own signature, which is an added extra, since none of the models in the singer’s museum have these papers. And as an extra is the vehicle key which is 14 karat gold. In addition, it comes with a series of photographs of the parked car with Graceland in the background in which the artist appears with Joe Exposito and George Klein and others of exhibitions in different countries in which the vehicle has been exhibited over the years.

The person who has got this car is not that he has won a supercar, nor a high-end model to boast about, what he has taken is a piece of history from one of the greatest music icons of all time And that, of course, is priceless.

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