May 14, 2022 6:22 pm

“Always standing on the side of evil”: Javier Milei, lapidary against Pope Francis for his statements

The national deputy Javier Milei, representative of Avanza Libertad, harshly criticized the Pope Francis, who yesterday defended that the inhabitants of a society should pay taxes because, in this way, “the dignity of the poor is protected”. “Your model is poverty”, the legislator responded on social networks and with capital letters.

“Always standing on the side of evil. If someone has a charity attack and goes out with a gun to steal to finance it, do you bless him? in your account Twitter and in which he ravished the Supreme Pontiff.

Milei’s reaction took place after Francis’ audience in the Vatican with a delegation from the Italian Agency that deals with the Tax Administration, in which he assured that, “in reality, taxes are a sign of legality and justice”.

Yesterday, within the framework of that meeting, the Pontiff stressed that the funds they collect serve to finance the public health system. For this reason, he implored them to defend him, “because we must not fall into a public health system that one pays for where the poor have no right to anything,” he said.

He also acknowledged that the tax collector is often disdained, but insisted that, if done well, tax collection “is a sign of legality and justice”. “It must favor the redistribution of wealth, defending the dignity of the poorest who are always in danger of being crushed by the powerful,” he declared according to what was published by the agency. AP.

For Francis, the biblical figure of the tax collector also has a personal meaning. The pope noted that Jesus summoned Matthew, a tax collector, to be one of his apostles in a scene portrayed in the painting “The Call of Saint Matthew” that hangs in the French church in central Rome.

It was in this context that he stated that the problem of tax evasion must be counteracted “with the simple rectitude of many taxpayers”, which he considers to be “a model of social justice”.

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