May 22, 2022 3:31 am

Alberto Fernández supported the march against the Supreme Court: “It is a citizen expression”

President Alberto Fernández referred tonight to the march against the Supreme Court of Justice that will take place this Tuesday and that is called by Kirchnerists to demand the resignation of all the members of this Supreme Court. “It is a citizen expression,” defended the president.

“In a state of law, each power is expressed by an instrument, the judicial power is expressed in sentences, all are acts of government, public and susceptible to being questioned. No one has to get upset because an x ​​number of citizens go and claim to the Justice thatthat their acts of government are not conforming to justice. They would have to pay attention and correct what needs to be corrected,” Fernández said in a dialogue with C5N, who had already publicly supported the mobilization.

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