May 27, 2022 11:51 am

A rupture that puts the ruling party in intensive care

As with the serious accidents, Alberto Fernández verified again that you have to wait 72 hours to know how the internal picture evolves after any critical event. Y again, as after the last primary elections, the ruling coalition entered intensive care. On the third day after announcing a pre-agreement with the IMF.

The times that are taken Maximo Kirchner and La Campora to preserve their identity, show their disagreement and distance themselves from management are also always an opportunity for the President to gain autonomy and start his own government. On September 17, Fernández rejected that option of independence, after the surprising public resignation of the most maximist of the ministers, Edward of Peter. It is the great unknown that now leaves open the strident resignation of the heir of the bi-presidential family to the leadership of the bloc of Deputies of the Front of ¿Todos?. A quantum leap in the camporista hierarchy. Who wants to hear, let him hear.

The tenor of the open letter of resignation is much more than a differentiation regarding the negotiation of the external debt. It is an explicit accusation of the President’s surrender and a forecast of serious damage to the population. that would cause understanding. A fragmentation bomb dropped on the plot architecture built by Fernández and his Minister of Economy to defend a negotiation that has not yet been formally closed and on which numerous unknowns hang regarding its effects. Guilty, says the maximist verdict.

The resignation is above all a deep crack opened in the waterline of the ruling coalition at a time when the President needs more than ever to show political support to adopt complex measures that will derive from the pre-agreement announced last Friday. Also to be able to close it definitively.

For all this, it was not only the surprise that shook and unsettled the President and his main collaborators, who were already in presidential tour mode thinking about Moscow, Beijing and the Caribbean, with the tranquility of having begun to dull the “sword of Damocles”. ” of the debt with the IMF. A problem that, if not resolved, as the President said yesterday, meant “leaving the game” and “having to go back to training.”

The sports metaphor does not hide the drama with which Fernández returns the grievance to Máximo Kirchner, in a veiled (but not so much) accusation of irresponsibility. A way to replace him in the presidency of “The Helicopter Club”, which was exercised by the now low deputy in macrista times. “Destituent” would be the synonym in the language of Cristina Kirchner.

But the mother remains silent. Again. And the President admitted in his television appearance that he had not spoken to her after the maximist rudeness. If the post-STEP sequence becomes a pattern, a letter from the vice president should arrive today to clarify things. Meanwhile, the version presented by the President remains. According to Fernández, Máximo Kirchner told him that the vice president did not agree with the resignation that he had just been informed of as a fait accompli. Something more than a way to preserve some strength after the blow received. In a few hours, the Presidency will be in the hands of Cristiano, if the President does not give up at the last minute on the trip that he confirmed last night. Disturbing.

The disagreement (more than resembling a break) between Fernández and Máximo Kirchner restores old images that no one would like to remember. Once again Peronism becomes a terrain of symbolic and practical dispute over an inheritance. As it was for Juan Perón in the ’70s, now it is for Néstor Kirchner. Fortunately, many things have changed. From going underground to being a common deputy, from bullets to public letters, there is an abyss. Quite a civilizing progress, in political terms.

The President and the resigning appealed to the father of the Santa Cruz dynasty to justify their decisions and fix positions. No wonder there is controversy. ‘Life is not the one you lived, but the one you remember and how you remember it to tell it,’ said Gabriel García Márquez. Everyone has their own Néstor Kirchner and he tells it in the way that best suits his own life. Just in case, the family heir describes himself as pragmatic, an undisputed attribute of his father, beyond subjective constructions and mythopoietic efforts.

The permanence within the Frente de Todos that Máximo Kirchner promised the President and stated in his letter does not prevent a forced reconfiguration of the ruling coalition, the internal power scheme and the functioning of the Government. Nothing can be the same. An urgent reconstruction is required. Quite a challenge for a President prone to procrastination.

The resigning had already let it be known that not only did he not agree with the negotiation with the IMF, but he would have confronted Fernández that he had not agreed with his mother either when he imposed him as a candidate for President. Weakness of origin and exercise, could summarize that recognition. A dysfunctional assembled family in the midst of a coexistence crisis.

In the Casa Rosada they relativize the effect of this frank attack on the presidential authority. To the alleged punctual disagreement between the mother and the son, they add the alleged disagreement with the resignation of Máximo of a good part of the members of La Cámpora, with the argument that the guiding principle of the ex-juvenile organization is not to give up any space of power. or deliver any box. Only time will reveal it. For now they are fragments of a broken picture and partial images of a weakened government.

The truth is the temporary conflict that always existed within the governing coalition was exposed as never before in Máximo Kirchner’s letter by emphasizing the consequences that the understanding with the IMF will have beyond 2023. The present was always reserved for Fernández , Cristina is the guardian of the past and Máximo Kirchner pretends to be the future. “I am not leaving the ruling party, but take charge of your decisions and do not transfer the cost to me”, seems to be the subtext.

Fernandez’s response could not further ratify that dispute. He was explicit when he went to the friendly channel to establish a position: “A default took me out of the party.” Emergencies of today, here and now.

In the middle of the long term and the present are the short and the medium term. An even more rocky road for the Government than imagined just 72 hours ago. It begins with the difficulty generated by this slam at the close of the negotiations with the IMF and continues with the laws that must be approved as a result of the agreement. “Now Guzmán and Kulfas are going to transpire more than we had anticipated,” said a high-ranking legislative source who foresees a complex transit through Congress of the economic-financial projects sent by the Executive Power.

Too many challenges for a government ravaged by emergencies and, based on a coalition that entered, again, in intensive care. Too many blows for a society distressed by so many unsatisfied needs.

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