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When does Pam & Tommy premiere, the new series starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan?

The word ‘scandal’ arouses everyone’s curiosity. Whether it’s because of that drive voyeurista of which we are sometimes guilty or because, that place of observer, opens the door to a world that is completely alien to us. From historical dramas like The Crown to comedies like A Very British Scandal, television is reaping the fruits of that quest to learn a little more about certain stories..

That’s how to this list of shows adds Pam & Tommy, an original Star+ production that we will be able to enjoy in Latin America starting tomorrow. What is it about and why should you watch it? Here all the information you need prior to its premiere.

Pam & TommyScreenshot

Taking us back to the years of the VHS reign, the story focuses on the aftermath of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon sex tape going viral., and how this affected their marriage. Stolen from the couple’s home, it first became a clandestine curiosity and then – with the advent of the internet – a global sensation shared by millions of users. Becoming a photograph of how information spread by the media is consumed and the lack of ethics that the news business often runs through, it also explores the impact of this loss of privacy on people.

“The embarrassment was so extreme. Unfortunately, that’s still the case, don’t you think? Women are held to much higher standards and are attacked in ways that feel so cruel. Pamela had such wit and grace in the way she carried herself. I admire that strength” – Lily James

Produced by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (who also participates as an actor in the series), the fiction stars Lily Jones (Pamela) and Sebastian Stan (Tommy).

“[James] did his homework. It’s always a scary thing when you’re portraying someone who’s a real-life figure that’s so iconic because there’s going to be that scrutiny. People are familiar with Pamela Anderson. So the work that she did, in terms of body language, movement and voice, is incredibly impressive” – Craig Gillespie, Pam & Tommy showrunner

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Defined as a miniseries, Pam & Tommy will have a single season of eight episodes in total.

Although the fiction is an original production of Hulu (part of the Disney media conglomerate), in Latin America premieres exclusively on the Star+ streaming application. On Wednesday, February 2, the first three episodes will be available, following the same premiere model that it will have in the United States.

Clear! You can see them here:

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