May 14, 2022 5:24 pm

Weather forecast in CABA: heat and clouds for this Monday, January 31

The Buenos aires city start the week with a Monday January 31 heat and sky with some cloudiness. This is reported by the National Meteorological Service, which anticipates a day with a maximum above 25°C and the wind blowing with different intensities depending on the time of day.

The thermometer will go through the morning with an average of 21°C, but this mark will be left behind with the passing of the hours. The rising temperature will reach peak of 27°C predicted for today. Thereafter, the heat will drop with the arrival of the night and the mercury will settle at 22°C.

Heaven it will alternate moments of partial cloudiness with others in which it will be clear; According to projections from the National Weather Service, the former will prevail. This situation will continue in the morning and afternoon, while at night there will be fewer clouds. The state agency does not forecast rain for any part of the day.

The intensity of the wind will vary according to the time slot, according to the forecast of the meteorological agency. The morning will be its moment of greatest prominence, with a base speed of 23 to 31 kilometers per hour. The evening band will see a decrease, with the wind being between 7 and 12 kilometers per hour. Towards night, it will climb a notch until it reaches a range of 13 to 22 kilometers per hour. Its direction will vary a bit: in the morning, the wind will blow from the southeast, while in the afternoon and evening it will come from the east.

The humidity for this Monday in the City of Buenos Aires reaches 45%, the atmospheric pressure marks 1008.4 hectopascals in the barometer of the National Meteorological Service and interference-free visibility reaches 10 kilometers on the horizon.

The first day of February will be similar to Monday, according to projections from the National Weather Service. On Tuesday the sky will be slightly cloudy throughout the day, with average temperatures higher than today, moderate wind activity and no chance of rain.

The projections of the National Meteorological Service for the week in the City of Buenos Aires

The temperature average for Tuesday February 1 will be 21 ° C, while the maximum will arrive in the afternoon, when 29°C is reached. During the night there will be a slight decrease in temperature, which will translate into an average of 25°C for the last time slot.

The morning and afternoon will have almost clear skies, but during the night the cloudiness will increase until it partially covers the sky. The National Weather Service does not forecast rainfall in any time slot.

The wind will remain stable and moderate, blowing at speeds of between 13 and 22 kilometers per hour throughout the day except in the afternoon, when its intensity will drop to between 7 and 12 kilometers per hour.

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