May 18, 2022 8:05 pm

We are facing the strongest anticyclone of the last 30 years

We could say that we have had a ‘hyper-anticyclonic’ January: very persistent high pressures affecting the Iberian Peninsula and France.

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Very stable and calm weather
We will have to be patient with this anticyclone that we have been dragging since Christmas.

The first month of the year ends with a totally stable and sunny weather in our country due to this robust and stubborn anticyclone that has affected us for more than a month.

In fact, it is the strongest anticyclone in the last three decades in some Western European countries such as France, where they have fought sunshine records. The high pressure anomaly is especially positive in the north of this area, with an average pressure of 1026 hPa.

In some parts of our neighboring country they have ‘enjoyed’ more than 180 hours of sunshine during the last 30 days. The most likely cause of that anticyclonic blockade it is an extraordinarily strong and robust polar vortex at high latitudes, with a very circumscribed jet stream at the poles (with small fluctuations), a fact that prevents discharges of cold air towards the western Mediterranean or the formation of storms.

Precisely, this strong center of high pressure over the Atlantic has made it possible to the penetration of a very cold air mass in the eastern Mediterranean, where there no ‘atmospheric obstacle’ has prevented the formation of the Elpis storm, with heavy snowfalls in Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, in Spain we are still talking about a very dry weather, with no rain and totally clear skies. So much so that the drought is beginning to worsen in some parts of the southern half of the peninsula and the medium-term forecasts are not hopeful at all.

The teleconnections also perceive this anticyclone

The two main teleconnections that have influence in the Iberian Peninsula -the NAO and the WeMo- have captured the presence of high pressure. The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) has been permanently positive over the last four weeks, a fact that brings out the presence of high pressures.

If we look at the Western Mediterranean Oscillation (WeMo), that has influence on the peninsular Mediterranean façade, has shown clearly positive values. This circumstance indicates that powerful anticyclone in the Atlantic, with high pressures in San Fernando (Cádiz). We will see how this anticyclone evolves over the next few weeks and if it intends to weaken or continue to show us its strength in Spain.

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