May 14, 2022 9:04 pm

Virtuous space alliance

Piccolo, in Italian, means little. A picosatellite is a tiny satellite that fits in the palm of your hand. One of these devices starred in an ambitious project that started when the professor of electronics at the Technical School No. 5 Amancio Williams, a public high school in Mar del Plata, excited its students with an initiative. Six of 30 students agreed to work on the “disruptive project” that he proposed Alexander Lamb, outside of school hours. It took them nine months and that was the birth of the firm Innova Space.

The picosatellite measures 10x5x5 centimeters and weighs only 461 gramsKindness

His idea won contests, accessed financing in the context of the “Soluciona” program, which made it possible, and with the “Promote Knowledge Economy” program. will now contribute to the development of the second generation of satellites.

A few days ago, the Mar del Plata picosatellite was launched into space from the mythical Cape Canaveral in the United States under the attentive and passionate gaze of the Argentines who followed the broadcast.

Baptized as San Martín, the MdQubeSAT-1 measures 10x5x5 centimeters, weighs only 461 grams and bears the image of the Malvinas Islands and the seal of the Argentine Industry. With a freight cost of around 75,000 dollars, San Martín traveled along with 104 other small satellites at 3,000 kilometers per hour. It will be about 500 kilometers high to revisit Argentina daily in its polar orbit. This prototype revolutionized satellite technology due to its size, its low launch cost and all the services it can provide with a useful life of between two and three years.

It was designed to provide Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to rural areas of our vast country, 70 percent of which lack communications coverage.

Alejandro Cordero founded Innova Space together with his students from Technical School No. 5 in Mar del Plata.
Alejandro Cordero founded Innova Space together with his students from Technical School No. 5 in Mar del Plata.Kindness

You will be able to remotely monitor issues such as “harvest times, drought or other meteorological variables, and can also provide satellite connectivity between the equipment and the apps used by the producers. A sensor in a silobag, for example, is useless to report vandalism or grain status without communication networks such as those provided by satellites.

The Undersecretary of Knowledge of the Ministry of Productive Development articulate with him Ministry of Science and Technology to convert these developments into productive activities.

The satellite and space technology industry promotes high-quality jobs and our country is a regional leader in this field.

The following launches will total about 100 by 2025, confirming how virtuous the alliance between education and the productive world is, once again, articulating the public and private sectors.

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