May 15, 2022 7:05 pm

The SUMA card to travel on the Valencia Metro, EMT, Metrobus and Cercanías comes into operation




The card SUM, which integrates in a single card and with the same price, the public transport of the metropolitan area of Valencia of Metrovalencia, Metrobus, EMT and Renfe-Cercanías, has come into operation this Monday and can now be purchased and used normally, as reported by the Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi Spain.

As the minister has stated, “as of this Monday, public transport is safersimple, cheap and sustainable». He also added that these measures are going to be extended to other parts of the Community, such as in the area of Alicante “where the integration and simplification of rates will also be given a boost. “The same will be done in Castellón and the integration of other municipalities that are not in the metropolitan area but that many of their neighbors move to Valencia on a daily basis is being studied,” he added.

To make it easier for users to become familiar with this new card, the close to thirty FGV COVID auxiliaries, plus additional personnel from the Valencia Metropolità Transport Authority (ATMV), are at the busiest stations in the Valencia Subway, informing about its use and resolving any doubts. Likewise, on the ATMV website, all the information on these titles can be consulted.

SUM 10, with free transfer for ninety minutes in one area and 110 in two, can be purchased in all usual outlets where the operators’ own tickets are purchased (kiosks, tobacconists, Metrovalencia and Renfe automatic machines). In addition, the new SUMA titles can be loaded on the old Mobilis cards.

New fares with Renfe and cheaper

The new fares that include Renfe are SUM 10, of eight euros for an area, compared to the previous nine and 15.50 euros; twelve euros for two zones, which replaces the previous 20.90 and 26.90 euros, and twenty euros for the Airport compared to the 26.90 euros it cost.

monthly sum It costs 35 euros one zone, 53 euros two zones, the same as the airport. The prices of this monthly subscription previously ranged between 45 euros and 79.10 euros.

from this monday the four rigid zones disappear of the main transport operators and are replaced by two flexible zones, and a new overlapping area is introduced. With the new zoning, Zone A encompasses the city of Valencia; the overlap area AB (only the price of one zone is paid) all of l’Horta: and Zone B to the municipalities of Camp de Túria, Camp de Morvedre and Ribera belonging to the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valencia.

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