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The churro emoji: the initiative that was born on Twitter and added thousands of requests to incorporate it into social networks

The churro It is the undisputed star of the summer, and although this “frying pan fruit” as they say in Europe is praised throughout the year, it is during the holidays on the Argentine Atlantic Coast where it reaches its maximum expression. Now, taking advantage of the fact that this delicacy is in full high season, a churrería with a long history launched the campaign #QueremosElEmojiDelChurro so that the icon born in Spain and naturalized Argentine turn into an emoticon, just as it happened with another emblem of Argentina: the mate.

The movement, which began on the last Sunday of January this year on Twitter, has already added thousands of interactions and users made the request their own so that the emoji del churro joins the digital conversation adding to the more than 3000 symbols that proliferate in the network.

It all started when from the El Topo account, a traditional Villa Gesell churrerría that expanded to other beaches on the Coast and reached the City of Buenos Aires, launched a raffle for 40 dozen churros.

The tweet that started the move to achieve the churro emojiTwitter: @churreriaeltopo

How was it necessary to participate? Simply quoting the tweet, placing the hashtag #QueremosElEmojiDelChurro, sweeping away two other users and waiting for the draw. The promotion went viral., reached nearly 1,500 quoted tweets and thousands of likes, Until Other users, beyond the draw, they endorsed the request “for a emoji of the churro”.

“Che Topo, you who move crowds, what do you think of starting militancy to manage a emoji churro? They added blueberries, olives, tortilla, tamale, there is even a pretzel. We need emoji churro!”, wrote a user of the birdie network a few days ago, and the churrería picked up the glove; and although he had already carried out a similar campaign that had “less calls than churros dipped in mint”, this time it was different, and the users accompanied the order.

“That there is not yet emoji I find the churro fatal,” considered a Twitter user in December. “I swore that the emoji of the churro, I am outraged, ”wrote another user.

The campaign for emoji del churro received a push a few hours after the first post claiming the emoticon came out of a fryer, and it was the cartoonist and humorist Nik who gave it a new impetus.

we already achieved the emoji of the mate. Let’s go for the churro!! For please give like #QueremosElEmojiDelChurro”, published the creator of Gaturro, along with a drawing that said “we need this emoji in our lives”. Among thousands of interactions and hundreds of retweets, one user told him: “The tereré would also be missing”, and Nik answered: “True”.

Nik, the creator of Gaturro, joined the request for the churro emoji
Nik, the creator of Gaturro, joined the request for the churro emojiInstagram: @Nikgaturro

In 2017, a campaign that was not born in the networks but in an event of digital entrepreneurs ended, two years later, with the incorporation of emoji of the mate in most messaging systems.

It all started in the Media Party, an annual meeting of journalists, programmers and designers, created, among other entrepreneurs, by Mariano Blejman. There he participated as a speaker Jenny 8 Lee, a former New York Times journalist who created Emojination, the organization behind the launch of the emojis of the hijab (Muslim headscarf) and the dumpling (an Asian dumpling).

This is what the mate emoji design looks like for iPhone phones, an illustration that is already available in the iOS 13.2 version
This is what the mate emoji design looks like for iPhone phones, an illustration that is already available in the iOS 13.2 version

Inspired by your experience, a team made up of LA NACION journalists Florencia Coelho and Santiago Nasra, the designers Daniela Guini Y Emiliano Panelli and the illustrator Martin Zalucki was proposed in the Hackathon of the event leave an Argentine mark on the lists of emojis offered by the different messaging services and operating systems.

As Unicode, the character encoding standard that handles new emoticons, receives thousands of similar requests, they had to convince their members that the emoji mate had potential.

The effort involved a three-minute defense at a meeting in California in March 2018 and another in Brooklyn, New York, in July of the same year. Finally, Unicode accepted the proposal and the emoji del mate was incorporated little by little during 2019 in all messaging systems.

Will the same thing happen with the churro emoji?

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