May 24, 2022 12:49 am

The Association of Prosecutors questioned the Government for its attacks on the Supreme Court

The Association of Prosecutors questioned the Government for its role in the march against the Supreme Court scheduled for this Tuesday. In a statement, he expressed his “deep concern about the expressions made and actions proposed by some officials of the National Executive Power against the members of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.”

The march demanding the resignation of the judges of the high court is announced for tomorrow; it is promoted by ultra-kirchnerist leaders and has the support of government officials.

In their statement, the prosecutors urged “political power” to act with “due prudence” and to avoid “any possibility of violating republican principles.” They argued that the division of powers must be respected and the performance of judges must be guaranteed “with total independence, ensuring the community access to impartial justice.”

“The independence of the magistrates is an obligation of the Republic, and its validity is imposed by the National Constitution and the International Covenants on Human Rights. In this sense, it is the obligation of the other powers of the State to respect and strengthen it, without implying the impossibility of auditing, with objective criteria and already determined by law, that contain and respect the autonomy of each magistrate, “the statement maintains.

The Association of Prosecutors and Officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation is chaired by the federal prosecutor Carlos Rivolo.

The march called by Kirchnerism was expressly supported by the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandez, and the Territorial Development and Habitat, George Ferraresi, among other officials of the national government.

John Martin Mena, number two of the Ministry of Justice, said that it seemed “healthy and necessary” for people to speak out.

Among its promoters are the Kirchnerist leader Luis D’Elía and the national judge Juan Maria Ramos Padilla.

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