May 16, 2022 4:07 pm

Tech reviews: Alcatel 1L, a budget smartphone with good performance

Alcatel is a company that has been betting heavily with the launch of different terminals in our country. The diversified portfolio of products mainly includes cheap options that work well and that provide an answer to the average user who wants to use social networks, take photos and stay connected.

In this direction and without missing a beat in its mobile renewal, the company presented a few weeks ago the Alcatel 1L, a cheap phone that is already available in Argentina.

The packaging of Alcatel products is, in general, simple and effective: it is presented in a cardboard box with the figure of the cell phone embossed and in a bright tone while, on the back, it accounts for some of the features model techniques. Inside the Alcatel 1L box, the first thing we find is the cell phone. Removed this, there is a cover with a notch that, when lifted, allows us to remove the charger and on the other hand the USB cable to charge it. At this point it is important to note that headphones are not included, an issue that is already normal in new cell phones.

Before we start, a clarification: the Alcatel 1L costs as little as $20,000. For this modest price, Alcatel offers, with this proposal, functions that will be enough for many users. Those looking for phones with high-resolution screens and cameras that shoot in 4K will have to look at other options and have another budget, of course.

The 1L includes a 8 core processor accompanied with by 2 GB of RAM. The latter is appreciated because other terminals with only 1 GB of RAM fail to offer good performance with the latest versions of Android. As for the storage, are included 32 GB and an expansion slot to place a card.

The size and weight of the phone is very well balanced: It is light (weighs 175 grams), partly thanks to its construction in plastic. Not for that reason it resigns screen, it mounts one of 6.2″ with HD+ resolution and with an aspect ratio of 19:9.

On their backs are two 13 MP main cameras and a 2 MP sensor; the camera front is 5 MP.

Another feature to highlight is unlocking via fingerprint. The sensor is located on the back and not on the screen, making it an economical option.

I used the Alcatel 1L as a personal phone for a week. Migrating from a high-end phone, this task may be biased by previous experience. But nevertheless, with an eye on $20,000 that this terminal costs, the experience was excellent. The phone leaves us at the start of Android 10 in a matter of seconds; fingerprint unlocking works perfectly and, beware: facial unlocking did not offer resistance even in low light environments.

The screen is bright, wide and with a notch V-shaped that looks very good aesthetically. The only objection is that it wastes space at the bottom where there is a “excess carcass”, that is, the surface is not completely covered by the display.

The cameras were also a pleasant surprise: the cell phone filma en Full HD (1080P) and with HDR support. For photographs, you can enable the mode “scene detection by AI” that automatically adjusts the parameters to take the best possible photo with each shot.

Two more, one good and one bad. The Alcatel 1L includes a physical button to run the google assistant. On the other side of the scale, I would have liked the inclusion of a USB-C port instead of the old Micro USB which is included.

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