May 15, 2022 6:10 am

Moris, a basement dandy

The chronicle of sung Madrid goes from Joaquín Sabina to Rosendo Mercado, and Mauricio Mirabent, Moris, a guy from Buenos Aires, who celebrated his eighties here, is always rigorously forgotten, aboard a melancholy and very urban nocturnal album, ‘Fiebre of living’, which is still sustained. Moris arrived from Argentina to Madrid in 1975, fleeing a murky political climate, at the age of thirty-five, after propping up a balladeer’s rock in his country, which was his thing. So he wasn’t an apprentice, when he landed, but he was a beginner, because in Spain turpentine rock, cheeky rock, voltage rock prospered, and Moris brought a baritone eagerness that… See More

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