May 21, 2022 9:49 pm

Misiones: a newborn baby died of Covid-19 when infected from his mother

Last Saturday, the death due to coronavirus of the youngest patient in Argentina. The case was registered in Misiones and it is a newborn baby with comorbiditieswho got it from his mother.

According to local media, the baby was born premature. As he had presented different congenital health conditions, when the positive Covid-19 picture was added, the outcome was fatal. The doctors tried to assist him, without success, with specialized treatments.

In the epidemiological part of Misiones, the baby appears as “patient with comorbidities not vaccinated because he is under three years old”Ministry of Public Health of Misiones

The data set off the alarms from the epidemiological part issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Misiones. One of the seven new deaths from the disease that were reported last Saturday is that of the minor in question.

In a report from the provincial government, it reports a child who died of Covid-19 and was registered as a“patient with comorbidities not vaccinated because he was under three years old”.

The victim, a few days old, was admitted to the Samic Hospital in the city of Eldorado with a guarded prognosis. According to medical information, the baby was born prematurely due to various diseases he suffered from.

This Sunday, in Misiones there were registered 1586 new coronavirus infections and five deceased. In total, there are 15,839 active cases of the disease. In addition, there are 217 patients who are hospitalized. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the accumulated positives are 70,814.

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