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Luis Esteban Lezáun, a number one writer in charge of GEO



The elite of the National Police, theGEO, will have someone used to being number one over and over again: commissioner Luis Jesús Esteban Lezáun (Zaragoza, 1972). Every time he shows up for a call he wins. His most notorious triumph was obtained in 2015 in the popular contest ‘Pasapalabra’ in which he pocketed 354,000 euros before taxes –he donated a part to Manos Unidas–, but his professional career in the Corps is marked by resounding successes. It was first in the entrance tests at the Escuela Nacional de Ávila (executive scale), the first in the promotion course to chief inspector and the first when he passed commissioner. Its penultimate number 1 consisted of winning last October the International Mystery and Intrigue Novel Award from the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, against 222 works.

And yesterday the General Directorate of Police decided that he is the man in blue who has the most merits to lead the GEO.

Two passions run through his veins: Justice and words. The first led him to graduate in Law, first, and then enter the National Police. I wanted to be a lawyer until he found out that his real vocation was to stop criminalsnot defend them. His love of words made him a faithful and compulsive reader and a more than solvent writer, who has already published five novels. Those who know him praise his intellectual brilliance. “He is fast, efficient, makes very complex decisions in minutes and they turn out well for him.” He speaks English, Portuguese and Catalan because, although he boasts of being a handyman, he spent sixteen years stationed in Barcelona.

«He is fast, efficient, makes very complex decisions in minutes and they turn out well. If there are mistakes, he assumes them and always gets involved with his own»

Among policemen, it is already known, they are called cops, in a nod to those who use the noun to despise them. “Is of the best wood there is and will be. How lucky is the GEO”, summarizes one of his classmates. Among policemen, you know, praise has to be earned. Commissioner Esteban is almost impossible to find enemies in blue. A compelling reason is that he is involved until he bleeds in the day to day of his family. There is an eloquent image. Just after implementing the plan against drug traffickers in Campo de Gibraltar, when he had only been a commissioner in Algeciras for a few weeks, he was the first to enter the most conflictive homes in the Saladillo neighborhood; his men covered his back.

Esteban commanded the GOES (Special Operational Security Group) of Catalonia for ten years, the little brothers of the GEO, with arrests of terrorists, kidnappers and all kinds of top criminals. “Always is the first to arrive and the last to leave. And he does it with a smile, without a bad word. If there are mistakes, he assumes them », say those who were under his command.

Commissioner since 2016, he premiered in Huelva, from there he went to Algeciras and since 2019 he has been in charge of the Salamanca police station, the least busy destination of those he has held. His dream of putting criminals behind bars has led him straight to the front door, to GEO, where despite the imposing physique, the head prevails. And his, he has shown, is luxuriously furnished. Chance has once again united the successes of the man who loves Justice and words. When he takes office in Guadalajara, his latest book will be published: ‘Biography of your absence’.

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