May 19, 2022 3:20 am

International Magician’s Day: the most curious facts about the craft

Each January 31 is celebrated on International Wizard’s Day, a date that seeks to spread the passion for this trade that is considered a performing art and that coincides with the death of the so-called patron saint of magicians, Juan Bosco or Don Bosco.

Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco was born on August 16, 1815 in Italy. As a child he began his approach to the Catholic Church and experienced a series of dreams that marked his life.

Bosco study circus arts and he gave shows that concluded with sermons and prayers for his neighbors. He began his religious studies and in 1841 he was ordained as a priest. His goal was to include children in vulnerable situations to the Church.

Bosco performed magic tricks to attract the attention of infants and then share with them the word of God. he was interested that young people opt for the values ​​of Catholicism to prevent them from committing crimes due to their situation.

He founded the Society of Saint Francis de Sales, a charitable organization that seeks to promote his values ​​in society and is still active today. Bosco died on January 31, 1888 and Pope Pius XI decided to canonize him.

In 1929 he was declared blessed and in 1934, Father and Teacher of the Youth. In 2002 Pope John Paul II declared it as Patron Saint of Stage Magicians, instructing that he was the first to perform so-called Gospel Magic.

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