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Former students of Superpymes tell how they have applied the teachings of the EDEM course in their companies




The program
EDEM Xpress Super SMEs
It already has more than 200 alumni, many of them self-employed and small businessmen, after the launch last year of its new format that aims to quickly solve the main problems in business management. Of these former students, there are several who are already applying their teachings in their own companies.

Laura Molla, lawyer and partner at GMR Management and Legal Services, highlights that Superpymes has given her “a 360º vision of the company that every entrepreneur, regardless of the sector, should have of their business”. “In my specific case, the finance and strategy modules of the course have given me a general vision that has allowed me to understand and be one more point of support in the firm in these areas, which also results in a greater benefit for our clients. “, it states.

For its part, Enrique Seara, CEO of RÉE ES, highlights that “the level of the speakers, the coordination of the sessions and the reading materials” have added value to their project. “And in the last session, with the experience with the promoter of Marina de Empresas, Juan Roig, the program was ideally closed. Listening to their recommendations, advice, experiences, is unique, unrepeatable and unforgettable”, he stresses.

Javier Jesus Montoya, is the owner of the DO&DI company, a one-hand dispenser, explains his experience: “I had no idea how to manage budgets for up to 4 million pieces that were coming to me from interested companies. I have loved everything about the course: the knowledge and professionalism of the speakers, the spectacular colleagues and the facilities. In my case, thanks to a colleague, I was able to contact a multinational that is interested in my project”, he adds.

In the opinion of Stephanie Saint Agustín, responsible for the Official Technical Service at the regional level of the Roca Group, “I decided to enroll in Superpymes Xpress because I come from the public sector and wanted to get involved in the exciting private sector”. “That is why I needed to train at a business level in that aspect. Of the course, I highlight the high level of the teaching staff and its practicality”, he concludes.

Bet on the self-employed and micro-enterprises

Last year, EDEM multiplied its commitment to promoting the self-employed and micro-enterprises by renewing Superpymes with the aim of welcoming more students and solving the problems that currently concern them, with practical and rapid solutions in key areas: the client, the worker, the capital, the motivation of the teams or
sales techniques
, among other.

With this profound update, the programme, which has had the collaboration of CaixaBank for years, will celebrate
six editions
throughout 2022, whose students will share the closing day, in which he participates as a speaker Juan Roig, president of Mercadona and honorary president of EDEM. The February edition still has places available.

The Superpymes faculty is made up of experts from the Business Marina (EDEM, Lanzadera, Angels and Legacy Support) and business managers. In addition, students learn about real experiences from businessmen and entrepreneurs.

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