May 18, 2022 9:05 pm

Femicide: a young woman was found with her throat cut in the bathroom of her house in Río Cuarto and her ex-boyfriend was arrested

A 21 year old she died with her throat cut in the bathroom of her house in the Cordoba town of Río Cuarto and, for the crime, they arrested her ex-boyfriend, 24 years old, whom witnesses saw escaping from the home at full speed.

The victim, identified as Oriana Gianinni, It showed clear signs of violence and cuts around the neck, which would have been made with a shovel. She was found in those conditions by her mother when she returned from her job as a taxi driver on Saturday.

According to local media, it was as a result of the testimony of a neighbor that they were able to identify and arrest his ex-partner, Nicholas Zabala. A man who lives next door to Oriana’s house, Braian, stated that saw the young man enter the home and that later, he woke up from his nap by the heartrending screams of Oriana’s mother, at the moment she found her daughter. Several residents of the area agreed with this version and added that they saw the alleged femicide leave the house at full speed and get on a motorcycle.

Oriana Gianinni, 21, was found this Saturday by her mother, when she returned from her job as a taxi driver; The testimony of the witnesses was vital for the arrest of her ex-partner, identified as Nicolás Zabala, 24 years old.

The security cameras confirmed the statements of the witnesses and the authorities managed to arrest the suspect on Saturday afternoon. After that, the victim’s father, Guillermo Gianinni, said in a dialogue with Radio Río Cuarto de Córdoba that Nicolás Zabala “constantly harassed her.” “You can tell that he had been harassing her, the police went back in time on the cameras and they told me that he is seen on the cameras hanging around the house, ”said the man.

In addition, he revealed that the suspect was arrested in the town of Banda Norte, at a friend’s house. “The friend’s statement says that he arrived with a shirt full of blood and that he asked for a shirt and when he was changing, the police arrived,” he added.

The tragic episode occurred at the address located at Velazco 1670, in the Trulalá neighborhood of the southern zone of Río Cuarto, Córdoba, where the news caused a great commotion.

As published by the media the prop, The body of the young woman was transferred to the judicial morgue to carry out the corresponding autopsy and the Prosecutor of Instruction Daniel Miralles intervenes in the case.

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