May 27, 2022 11:55 am

fashionable fantasies

Fashion shows have long been much more than just clothing shows. Year after year, the meetings fashion they ooze brilliance, meaty frivolity, refinement and a display worthy of the experimentation of the performance. There was plenty of this in the Paris Haute Couture Week, and what we see here is the backstage, the zone of hard work that heralds the irruption of fantasy. The model who receives the simultaneous attention of at least four people prepares to take one of the Lebanese designs to the catwalk Elie Saab. Once self-taught and now a red carpet favourite, Saab launched his first brand in the 1980s, based in Beirut, to the din of the civil war that tore his country apart. In the Parisian Week their proposals were the most colorful and dreamy: some make the counterweight to horror the great exercise of their lives.

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