May 21, 2022 9:07 pm

Brussels denies having congratulated Sánchez for the distribution of European funds

Correspondent in Brussels



The European Commission has been surprised by the propaganda use made by the Spanish Government of a “courtesy” letter that the President Ursula von der Leyen He had sent Pedro Sánchez in which he congratulated him on the speed in processing the applications for the recovery funds. The spokesmen for the community executive have had to clarify that “there is no link between this letter and the current debate in Spain on the distribution of Recovery funds between the autonomous communities and the central government.”

The first symptom of this stupor on the part of the Commission has been that the subject appeared among the questions of the daily appearance of the main spokespersons of the Commission and they had to admit that they were unaware of the existence of this letter to Pedro Sánchez, while in Madrid, members of the Government were using it publicly as a dialectical weapon against the People’s Party. If it had been a document with political content, Von der Leyen’s representatives would have taken it into account.

In said letter, Von der Leyen responded to a previous letter sent by Sánchez to Brussels thanking the processing of the first two disbursements of the recovery funds for a total of 19,000 million euros. Von der Leyen limited himself to verifying that the Government has followed the procedure to request them and, as established by the regulation, had verified that 52 promised milestones have already been fulfilled, the vast majority of decisions and changes that had already been processed before even asking for the money. , but which were included in the list of objectives that had to be achieved before the end of 2021. In the letter, the president also encouraged the approval of the promised labor reform.

Faced with the interested use of the letter, above all to disfigure the criticism of the Popular Party as a legitimate opposition, the Commission has had no choice but to clarify that it is a “courtesy” gesture and that although it is officially confirmed from Brussels that Spain has so far complied with all its obligations with respect to the European Union, this letter could not be considered as part of the political debate in Spain.

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