May 16, 2022 4:08 pm

At least two dead and four injured in a shooting during a festival in Paraguay in which Pablito Lescano participated

At least Two people died and four others were injured. in a shooting this sunday during a concert at the festival ‘Jaumina Fest’ in San Bernardino, Paraguay. The singer of Damas Gratis participated in the event, Pablo Lescano.

One of the people who died is the influencer Cristina ‘Vita’ Aranda, wife of Paraguayan soccer player Iván Torres who plays for the Olimpia de Paraguay club, according to the National Police, as reported by ABC TV. The model arrived at the National Hospital with a “reserved prognosis” after receiving a bullet to the head.

Likewise, the Police indicated that another man who has not been identified died in the shooting of which for the moment The causes or possible authors are unknown.

Four people have been taken to hospital after suffering gunshot wounds and their condition is stable, ABC TV reported, citing a report from the Ministry of Health.

The event occurred during the live performance of the group ‘Binomio de Oro’ at the José Asunción Flores amphitheater and the concert was immediately suspended.

As reported by ABC media, a witness gave details of the moment and specified that the shooting took place at the end of the show of this group. “There was a stampede backstage and at first it was believed that it was one of the people who were looking to take a photo with Pablito Lescano,” he told this medium. But then, he noticed how all the people began to run in the opposite direction.

Minutes later, according to this first account, there was a coming and going of doctors, police and paramedics who were giving notice of the shots and the wounded. “The guards opened the perimeter fences and the first injured person passed on a stretcher,” he said.

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