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Another winter storm for Groundhog Day in the contiguous US

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Another new winter storm will affect parts of the continental US in early February, coinciding with Groundhog Day, February 2

The unofficial name of the new winter storm is Landonalthough some call it the groundhog day squall, Groundhog, and it would again bring abundant snow, freezing rain, ice, lower temperatures and wind. The most affected areas would range from the Great Plains to the Midwest and the Great Lakes.

And all this would come days after another winter storm Kenan, with a very rapid intensification process ocexplosive ichlogenesis, will affect the eastern American third, especially the coastal area and during the weekend of January 28-30, 2022. The storm has left several dead, material damage and has altered the life and transportation of more than 70 million people.

Kenan leaves and Landon arrives on Groundhog Day

You have to remember that winter storm names are not recognized by the US NWS. They are unofficially appointed by a private weather company and have permeated the media world and social networks in the US.

The new winter storm is accompanied by an important irruption of arctic air coming from the north and Canada that will penetrate south accompanied by the polar jet, at the same time that there is an irruption in its response of air coming from the warm and humid south towards the north at the front of the polar trough.

Evolution of surface pressure and precipitation every 6 h, in color scale, by the HRES ECMWF model.

On Tuesday, February 1, the storm, its associated fronts, and snow are expected to spread from the Rocky Mountains into the Great Plains and parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes.

February 2, Groundhog Day, the irruption would extend and deepen to the south, even reaching Texas.

Again millions of people in the contiguous US will be affected by said storm or winter storm.

Accumulated snow forecast until February 5, 2022.

Note on Groundhog Day

The Groundhog Day is a folk method used by farmers in the United States and Canada to predict the end of winter, based on the behavior of the animal when it comes out of hibernation on February 2.

According to belief, if the marmot does not see its shadow when it comes out of its burrow because it is a cloudy day, it will leave the burrow, which means that winter will end soon. On the contrary, if the groundhog “sees its shadow” because it is a sunny day and goes back into the burrow, this means that winter will last six more weeks.

The Groundhog Day marks (approximately) the middle of the period between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox (Similar to the holiday of Halloween, which marks the middle of the period between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice).


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