May 18, 2022 9:51 am

Agreement with the IMF: Máximo Kirchner resigned from the presidency of the block of deputies

Maximo Kirchner He resigned from the presidency of the block of deputies of the Front of All due to his differences with the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He made his resignation public with strong criticism of the way the debt refinancing was negotiated.

“I have made the decision not to continue in charge of the presidency of the Block of Deputies of the Front of All. This decision stems from not sharing the strategy used and much less the results obtained in the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)”, says the statement released a few minutes ago by Cristina Kirchner’s son.

In his letter, Kirchner distances himself from Fernández and his Economy Minister, Martín Guzmán, stressing that the agreement was carried out “exclusively by the economic cabinet and the negotiating group that responds to and has the absolute confidence of the President of the Nation.” ”.

In this sense, the son of the vice president emphasizes that he “never” stopped expressing his dissidence with the negotiations with the Head of State. After emphasizing that he will not give up his bench, he supports his decision to abandon the leadership of the bench in the need for Fernández to put someone he trusts in that seat.

“I will remain within the bloc to facilitate the task of the President and his entourage. It is better to step aside so that, in this way, he can choose someone who believes in this program of the International Monetary Fund, not only immediately but also looking beyond December 10, 2023, “says Máximo Kirchner .


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