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What are the best croissants to try in Buenos Aires?

Every January 30th is celebrated the “Day of the croissants, one of the most famous pieces of French pastry that -in fact- has its origin in Vienna.

The story goes that in 1683 the Ottoman army arrived in the city at night and it was the Viennese bakers who, hearing the noise generated by the military group, alerted the guard and that enabled them to defend themselves in time. To celebrate this fact, King Jan Sobieski III enabled bakers to create a crescent-shaped bun that they called croissant (a symbol of Islam) and thus commemorate the victory.

From that moment the croissants it traveled around the world, being reverted by different bakers who added new textures and flavors. Just as France was the country responsible for popularizing its puff pastry, in Argentina (where there is a huge tradition of sweet bakery) we also have options that are already a tradition.

Photo courtesy of Peppermint

Peppermint Market has a whole line of Organics Croissants that is amazing. Made with organic flour and sugar and a natural fermentation base, they have a laminated dough with a soft and crunchy puff pastry.. Our advice? Take the opportunity to buy organic butter and jams home made to spread on your croissant.

Photo courtesy of Gonttran Cherrier
Photo courtesy of Gonttran Cherrier

At the Gontran Cherrier boulangerie they make their croissants with Foricher flour and Elle et vire butter, two hallmarks of French quality. They are very puffy and crispy. The great thing is that they offer 5 sweet and savory varieties. They range from one stuffed with almond cream and covered with sliced ​​almonds to one filled with spinach bathed in bechamel and Parmesan.

Nina's photo kindness
Nina’s photo kindness

For fans of homemade and artisanal flavors, Ninina offers a croissant very airy on the inside, and flaky and crispy on the outside. They prepare it with organic flour and sugar, free range eggs and butter. Our favourite? The stuffed with ham and Gruyère cheese. Pay attention because you can order them in a box with 12 frozen units and ready to bake at home or warm to eat at the moment.

Photo courtesy of Paris Crepes
Photo courtesy of Paris Crepes

In addition to its incredible crepes, in Paris Crepas you can find the classic of the French bakery: croissant 100% butter laminated dough, crispy, honeycombed and tender. You can order it alone to accompany one of its special coffees or filled in sweet versions with strawberries, lemon pie or nutella with semisweet chocolate bath as well as salty with bacon, cheddar and egg.

Photo courtesy of Alo's Boutique
Photo courtesy of Alo’s Boutique

Alo’s Boutique is the market gourmet that chef Alejandro Feraud opened and where you can find delicious things to stock up on. one of his must are their croissants, what do they do with 100% butter, top quality flour and a lot of dedication. The advice: take advantage and sit on their sidewalks in the window and have one of their specialty coffees to accompany.

Almond croissant, a L'Epi classic made with 100% butter and almond cream.
Almond croissant, a L’Epi classic made with 100% butter and almond cream.Mariana Eliano

A classic of the L’Epi proposal, the patisserie by Bruno Guillot and Olivier Hanocq, is another of the French reversals of this piece of the bakery. It’s about a croissant 100% butter, with an almond cream made from almond flour and then sprinkled with sliced ​​almonds and powdered sugar. One of those options that, when you try it, it will be difficult for you to eat just one.

Boûlan opened his first store on Sinclair Street, Palermo, and later on Ugarteche.
Boûlan opened his first store on Sinclair Street, Palermo, and later on Ugarteche.Mariana Eliano

Founded by Diego Muscat, Boûlan is one of the places that every artisan pastry lover knows very well. With options that combine family tradition with personal touches, their classic croissants are an absolute delight. The advice? Since you’re there, take yourself too a sacrament, an invoice that derives from the croissant which Diego enhances with a filling with natural pastry cream.

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