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Triple crime in Rosario. They arrested the couple from the wedding that preceded the massacre

ROSARY BEADS. There are several mysteries that surround the shocking triple crime that occurred this Saturday morning, after a wedding, where there were several referents of drug trafficking and the Rosario mafia in Ibarlucea, on the outskirts of this city, where a couple and their one-year-old baby were executed by hired assassins.

the bride and groom of the wedding, Esteban Rocha, aka Pinky, and Brisa Leguizamón, They were arrested this Sunday by order of the federal Justice. On her wedding day, the young woman should have been at her house, in Rueda at 200 bis, which was raided a day after the massacre. She is being prosecuted in a case for drug trafficking in San Nicolás, province of Buenos Aires, where she was placed under house arrest because she has two young daughters. In the case of Rocha, his situation was different: he had been released last year by the Criminal Cassation Chamber, in a case for selling drugs, contrary to the opinion of the Rosario appeal court, which had ordered that he be detained. .

One of the questions that this Sunday had not yet been cleared up was what happened to the white Audi TT that appeared cremated on a country road, about 3 kilometers from the room where the wedding took place. Inside the vehicle was the body of Erica Romero, 39 years old.

Romero was in the Audi TT when they left at 4:30 in the morning. Ivan Maximiliano Gimenez, 30 years old, was driving the car, and behind, in a little chair, was the girl. What the police reconstructed is that when this family left Campos Ibarlucea -where the wedding took place- and took Route 34 S to the east, towards the Brigadier López highway, to go to Rosario, was ambushed.

At kilometer 5 of the route, a white VW Amarok van intercepted them and they began to shoot at him. Giménez, according to the investigators’ reconstruction, was wounded by 13 shots. His daughter, who was behind, was shot six times, one of them in the head. And nothing is known for now about Erica Romero, Giménez’s partner, if she was injured or if she died in the attack.

Despite the injuries, Giménez made a risky maneuver and tried to return to Campo Ibarlucea to ask for help. The sources of the investigation pointed out that, according to the testimonies they were collecting, the Audi fell into a ditch next to the shoulder. Ismael R., a 30-year-old man, also invited to the party, loaded Giménez and the baby into a gray Amarok van and took them to the Eva Perón hospital in Granadero Baigorria, which is the closest in that area. When they arrived, Giménez and the girl were dead.

What happened next is still a mystery. Because the Audi that Giménez was driving and was the target of the hitman attack appeared on a rural road in Ibarlucea, 3 kilometers from the place of the party, and inside the car there was a charred body: that of Erica Romero, the mother of the baby.

Why didn’t anyone take Giménez’s wife to the hospital? And how the car, which had overturned, was found burned on a road. The security cameras of the municipality of Ibarlucea, that could have recorded the transfer of the vehicle, they didn’t work saturday nightaccording to a senior police source. The hypothesis that is handled is that the car was burned to erase some trace. Inside, the body of Erica Romero was found, who has not yet been determined if she was also shot in the hitman attack that had occurred on the road.

During noon this Sunday, prosecutor Gastón Ávila, who is in charge of the case, summoned several of the guests to the particular wedding party to unravel details that are still obscure in this plot linked to drug violence. Among those who testified before the prosecutor was the person who had burned the car, who was part of the guests at the party. The testimonies appeared contradictory and unclear.

Brisa Leguizamon and Esteban Rocha

The lavish party that took place in Campo Ibarlucea brought together a kind of “selection” of the Rosario mafia, linked to the leader of Los Monos, Ariel Cantero, alias Guille, imprisoned in the Marcos Paz prison. On Saturday Esteban Rocha, known in the mafia environment as Pinky, and Brisa Leguizamón got married, who should not have been at her wedding celebration because she is under house arrest, set in Rueda at 200 bis, for a drug trafficking case in the Federal Justice of San Nicolás.

Rocha was released by the Criminal Cassation Chamber last year, after his lawyers appealed the confirmation of imprisonment by the Rosario appeal court. The couple has open cases for drug trafficking. They were both linked to Olga Medina, alias Tata, a 54-year-old drug trafficker who dominated the north of Rosario and was sentenced in 2020 to four years in prison. An investigation against Medina in 2014 led to the fall of Zechariah Dolphin, one of the largest cocaine suppliers in Rosario, who was sentenced in 2018 to a 16-year sentence. He had a clandestine laboratory in Funes, on the outskirts of Rosario, where he had the capacity to produce 500 kilos of cocaine per month.

Rocha, Brisa’s boyfriend, then approached the leader of Los Monos. The investigators believe that he managed to gain the trust of Guille Cantero by displacing a sector of the competition. Pinky currently lived in one of the residences of the leader of Los Monos in Pérez, a closeness that is not usual for those who come from outside the clan.

The relationship between Rocha and Cantero is very close. The two daughters of the narco leader were at the party, along with his sister-in-law Cielo Barrios. His partner, Vanesa Barrios, is under house arrest, as is his mother, Celestina Contreras. Brisa, the bride, is the sister of Brenda Leguizamón, known as La Diabla, a young woman who at the party wore a yellow dress that highlighted her tattoos, and who also has open cases in the federal Justice of San Nicolás, according to the sources consulted by THE NATION.

Giménez, the driver of the Audi, was a native of Villa Banana, one of the poorest places in Rosario, but where drug bunkers proliferated for a long time. This 30-year-old man was once linked to Stephen Alvarado, one of the drug traffickers who disputes with Los Monos the territorial control of mafia businesses. But loyalties are fragile in this environment. Currently, according to street information from the police, he was seen close to this sector of Los Monos, where he had sought protection.

A version that circulated strongly during the last hours is that Giménez would have “lost” a shipment of 200 kilos of drugs in 2019, when he was in the ranks of Alvarado. And, in that line, the triple crime would have to do with revenge for that failed business.

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