May 18, 2022 6:12 pm

This was the 4×4 truck that collided head-on with a motorcyclist on the Pinamar border

Last Friday afternoon, on the beach on the northern border of Pinamar, a 4×4 truck who participated in a bite along with two other similar vehicles collided head-on with a motorcyclist that circulated in the area. Fortunately, the young man run over is out of danger, although he suffered multiple fractures. Now on social media Images circulate of how the truck was left after the accident.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, it is possible to observe the 4×4 Amarok that has the impact mark with the motorcyclist on the right side of its bumper. The vehicle appears with a blow under the optics on that side of the vehicle, as well as the right side of the windshield being chipped.

In the same video, the user Facundo Cipriano also uploaded pictures of the bike which is the one that would have been run over by the vehicle. The shots have the title “Clash at the Pinamar border between Amarok 4×4 and motorcycle”.

This is how the truck that ran a dive and hit a motorcyclist on the beach known as the border, in PinamarTikTok / @ tigr09

The material of both vehicles shared in the account of TikTok It was quickly viralized, with more than 50,000 views on the social network.

The motorcycle hit by the truck on the afternoon of last Friday, on the Pinamarense border
The motorcycle hit by the truck on the afternoon of last Friday, on the Pinamarense borderTiktok / @ tigr09

sources of security Pinamar reported that the driver of the black VW Amarok was identified as Reuben Comes, 49 years old, native of the city of La Plata. While the person hit, who was driving a Yamaha azul, was identified as Gonzalo Rodriguez. The fact is under the orbit of the UFI No. 5 of Pinamar, framed in a case for the crime of negligent injuries.

The accident occurred in the area of ​​the second Pot of the beach area known as the border in Pinamar on Friday when evening fell. At that moment, three 4×4 trucks made a dive -illegal practice- along the aforementioned beach, when one of them, which was traveling at high speed, He collided head-on with a young man who was riding a motorcycle in the area.

The images of this event were recorded by a person who was in the place and were uploaded to the networks. There we see the dramatic moment in which the impact of the 4×4 causes the biker to fly through the air before landing on the sand. The motorcyclist was hospitalized and He suffered clavicle and humerus fractures.

A pick-up truck ran over a motorcyclist in Pinamar

“He is out of danger, but he did not die by chance”said about the motorbike driver Lucas Windy, Secretary of Security of Pinamar. In relation to this type of accident that occurs in the area, often involving quads and other vehicles that circulate on the beach, the official stated: “The campaign that is carried out daily, which includes controls, fencing and posters, is not enough to contain the volume of people who decide to go out and do these crazy things. It is impossible. Either the Army goes or a police deployment is made where instead of taking care of citizens from crime we have to go out and see that people do not kill themselves running illegal dives.

the northern border of Pinamar lives a summer with an imposing presence of tourists. There are kilometers of beach where you can see thousands of gazebos of different colors, who mingle on the spot with vans 4x4s, UTVs and ATVs of the families who choose to spend their vacation hours on these beaches.

these beaches extend north to Costa Smeralda, and they have the characteristic of being quite exclusive, especially due to the fact that to reach them it is necessary to cross an area of ​​dunes that can only be done in the vehicles mentioned above.

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