May 16, 2022 6:42 pm

The viral trick that will make you never lose your TV remote again

Can’t find it anywhere? Although we never take him out of the house, not even his room, the tv remote It is perhaps one of the household artifacts that we lose the most throughout life, and the one that drives us most crazy when we look for it and it doesn’t appear, but we know it can’t be far away.

Whether it’s because it slipped between the pillows or under a piece of furniture, every day one wonders: Where is the remote control of the television? In this sense, Brent Garcia, a 40-year-old man from Las Vegas, United States, decided to put an end to this headache and invention an ingenious trick that went viral and YouTube.

With the help of a drill, Brent drilled a small hole in the controller for a key chain and attached a huge red rubber ball to the other end., much larger than the remote control itself. It is impossible for the ball to go unnoticed, due to its color and its enormous size.

Brent García’s trick to not lose the remote control anymore

Despite the fact that control ends up in one of the most remote spaces of the sofa, the red ball will indicate where the hidden object is. “Thanks to this invention, I won’t have to search for hours for the damn control,” Brent celebrated about his trick that went viral on social networks.

For now, the peculiar creation works wonders in your house and if in the near future it begins to be successful, Brent says he will patent his invention.

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