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The painful reason why María Pombo sells her house



It is clear that this year the influencers have decided to nip in the bud everything that does not fit in their lives. And it is that, in a turn of events the influencer María Pombo has decided to sell her house. Although at first she and Paul Castilian they seemed to be enjoying a completely happy life from home, some reason could have made them want to move. This has been communicated by a medium after a small encounter with the influencer, assuring that the couple has put their villa up for sale for a millionaire price.

This is María Pombo’s living room – Instagram

News that has set off the alarms of their more than 2 million of followers. Have María Pombo and Pablo Castellano broken up? Do they need liquidity? Do you have any economic problem that is not known? The influencer herself has spoken about the subject this Thursday.

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Let’s remember that it was only ago 17 months when the influencer and the architect decided to open a house in the residential neighborhood of El Bosque (Madrid). Through a house tour and Youtube, María excitedly showed us all the rooms of your 200 square meter home, which did not lack a single detail: two floors, garden with pool, and of course, a dressing room with its own vanity and sink. the beautiful chalet was reformed by Grupo Archarray, owned by Paul Castilian, who put all his love into the house, and now they sell for a whopping 1,380,000 euros.

María Pombo's house even had a pool
María Pombo’s house even had a swimming pool Instagram

María Pombo breaks the silence and talks about the unexpected decision to sell her house

After several days of rumours, the influencer has broken the silence and has made some statements about the controversy that has formed around the sale of his house. “People love to imagine, but there is no problem. And selling the house are decisions that are made as a family and for reasons that we know», he stated, after adding that everything is due to «new projects in 2022».

Will María Pombo want an Olympic pool this time?
Will María Pombo want an Olympic pool this time? – Instagram

The young woman thus clears up the doubt of a possible marital crisis, but It does not clarify the reason why they have made the decision. We can only wait to find out what happened.

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