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The national leaders of yesterday and today of the PP and PSOE, in support of their “allies”




Luckily Castile and Leon It is a wide, long and high land (many believe that everything evokes Machado and they forget about Urbión, Gredos or the Palentina Mountain) because if not, there would not be enough space to welcome both national and regional leaders. Such is the case that contemporaries have not been enough for this first electoral weekend and it has been necessary to resort to those who in other times, not too far away, were at the forefront of national politics and had their predicament in these parts.

Pedro Sanchez and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, on one side; Pablo Casado and Jose Maria Aznar, on the other, have coincided this Saturday in the autonomous geography to support the two candidates for the Presidency of the Board, Luis Tudanca and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

today and yesterday together with the addition that the seconds of each case are a reference in a Castilla y León that saw them born as politicians before becoming presidents of the Government: Zapatero, as Leonese and active leader of the Leonese socialist federation; Aznar, as a native of Avila (he really is from Madrid) and as first president of the Board of the PP. So the four landed in the Community with national messages (a classic in this campaign) but with the mandate to push their candidates and concentrate the vote on one side and the other of the ideological spectrum in elections as unprecedented as they were unpredictable in which all resources are few. What they agreed on was arouse passions among yours, the convinced, and filled wherever the public events were held, as happened in the capital of Zamora, with the PSOE, and in Valladolid, with the PP.

Pedro Sanchez has been the earliest rally person and has brought together more than 500 people at the Ramos Carrión Theater of the Pearl of the Duero. To them, from a red stage, red has asked that on February 13 “nobody stay at home” but, above all, has warned that there will be many ballots, but “only one guarantees the change and hope that the candidate represents socialist to the Board, Luis Tudanca “. He also recalled that although he already won in 2019, today he needs more votes to make him “unstoppable” and to be the next president of the Board to become an “ally” in the Community.

At almost the same time and in the same province -in Benavente- the popular candidate Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, has also made a call to “concentrate the vote of the center-right spectrum” in his person to achieve “reunification around the PP project” and, with it, revalidate the Presidency with a government “alone”. A mandate that the national leader has also insisted on Paul Married who has spent the morning of ‘tournée’ through the province of Segovia. First the ski resort of Navacerrada, then La Granja and, finally, the capital of the Aqueduct. There he has demanded “trust and the vote” for his candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. «The Castilian and Leonese are very well represented by the PP, but with demands that cannot be met because Sánchez governs, “he stressed. The afternoon started with the former president of the government, the socialist Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who has traveled to the Leonese town of Fabero to defend that the mining stage “is over” and now it is time to “build a new one” which, in his opinion, goes through “decentralization” and “necessary” change that promotes Tudanca.

In the capital of Valladolid, the former president of the Government and of the Board, Jose Maria Aznar, has walked through the city center accompanied by Mañueco and other leaders to the amazement of passers-by who stopped him time and time again to take selfies. The path to the Millennium Dome, where an event has been held that has brought together more than 500 people, was a continued to stop to serve loyal supporters that reminded him of his past as a politician. So it was not surprising that the rally also raised passions among the attendees, especially after pointing out that «I feel at home here”, «I am Castilian and Leonese by decision and, above all «it all started here». And it is that Aznar has articulated his speech in that «Castilla y León is the way, it has to go ahead» and the PP “has to be a solid reference to trust.” “These are not times for retail, tactical advantage and opportunism”, he has claimed, nor to “listen to the noise that calls for fragmentation or to fish for small advantages”, but to achieve “a clear and forceful support”.

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