May 16, 2022 6:11 pm

The mythical Beatles rooftop concert turns 53 years old: watch the new full and remastered version here



The legendary concert that Beatles they gave on January 30, 1969 on the roof of the Apple Corps building, the last one they gave before separating, it has many priceless moments. Perhaps the best is when Paul McCartney smiles mischievously when he sees the police show up for his prank, but there are many more, some of them almost imperceptible without a careful look. For this reason, a new review of that film, in a new version remastered for its 53rd anniversary, is a gift for the senses.

For the first time, the full audio of that high-flying performance has been mixed in stereo and Dolby Atmos by Giles Martin and Sam Okell, and Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/Ume have prepared its streaming premiere to celebrate the event.

In addition to the streaming output of ‘The Beatles: Get Back-The Rooftop Performance’, the anniversary celebration of this electrifying concert will continue with more announcements, tributes and events. Today, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announces an impressive exhibition entitled The Beatles: Get Back to Let It Be’ which opens on March 18 this year and runs until March 2023. The perfect complement to Peter Jackson’s docuseries ‘Get Back’, the multimedia exhibition will welcome fans to enter the rehearsals and sessions of January 1969 and witness the last performance of the band, surrounded by huge projectors and impressive sound. The scene is incredibly decorated with original instruments, clothing, handwritten lyrics, and other unique items, including several items on loan from the Beatles themselves. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will host special events throughout the show, including interviews, film showings, panels and more to be announced throughout the year.

Norah Jones He has just published two videos in tribute to the rooftop concert with songs by the Beatles from the album ‘Let It Be’, recently filmed with his band on the roof of the Empire State Building in New York. The two videos for “I ́ve Got A Feeling” and “Let It Be” can be viewed on Norah Jones’ YouTube channel.

Yesterday, Saturday, ‘The Beatles LOVE’ from Cirque du Soleil, will launch another video tribute to the concert with the song ‘Get Back’ (LOVE version) in which members of the cast of the acclaimed show participate, which has been surprising the public for 15 years since The Mirage in Las Vegas. The video and a making of can be seen on the Cirque du Soleil YouTube channel.

This Sunday, January 30, the 53rd anniversary of The Beatles’ rooftop concert, Disney/Apple Corps Ltd./WingNut will present an exclusive event with a special screening in IMAX theaters only in the UK and USA of ‘The Beatles: Get Back-The Rooftop Concert’. The 60-minute film presents the entire Beatles concert after a brief introduction. The special event will start with an exclusive Q&R with the director at 20:00 (Spanish time). The concert, which can be seen in its entirety in the original Disney+ docuseries ‘The Beatles: Get Back’, has been optimized for IMAX screens, and has been digitally remastered to obtain the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience with the technology (Digital Remastering) owned by Imax. Tickets for this exclusive event can be purchased at

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