May 16, 2022 2:50 pm

The march against the Court: union logistics, official endorsement and old Kirchnerist slogans

The slogan of “democratizing justice” that the government of Cristina Kirchner in 2013 it is latent and will be heard this Tuesday in the “1F” march, in which several union leaders, lawyers and human rights organizations will protest against the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and against the functioning of the Judicial Power.

Although the Government formally distanced itself from the initiative (despite the fact that the President and some officials supported it), the content of the demands that will be made in front of the Palace of Justice is very similar to those that the toughest sector of the Frente de Todos shouts : The Legitimate Justice group released a statement last week in which it called, among other things, to “democratize justice with a gender perspective” and “the end of lawfare.”

Another sector that participates in the assembly of the mobilization, made up of the Buenos Aires criminal judge Juan Maria Ramos Padilla, the piquetero leader Louis D’Elia and the union leader Paul Moyano, requests, from a perhaps more extreme position, the resignation and removal of the judges of the highest court. “Let them kick themselves out,” D’Elía said of the courtiers. The partner of the former Kirchnerist minister was also part of the protest organization Julio De Vido, Alesandra Minnicelli, who commands the Forum for Democracy and Political Prisoners.

Juan Ramos Padilla with Luis D´ElíaJames Hafford

Not only former officials and trade unionists involved in corruption cases participated in the assembly. The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the Mothers of the Founding Line, HIJOS Capital, the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (APDH) and other Human Rights organizations, which have already issued a statement in favor of the democratization of justice, will also mobilize.

All these claims were expressed in a document that will be read in Plaza Lavalle on a stage. as reconstructed THE NATION, the drafting of that document was marked by discussions about the tone of the slogans: not all the sectors that will participate in the protest agreed with requesting the resignation of the courtiers. The opposition described, through a statement issued by Together for Change, that claim and the government’s support for the march as a coup.

Supreme Court of Justice
Supreme Court of Justice

The trade union front, which brings together more than 50 unions, acquired an important role in the initiative, and among the organizers they take it for granted that the unions of Truckers, CTA, ATE Y Sitraju they will mobilize their workers to protest. A leader who participated in the meetings told this medium that the stage and sound system would be provided by the leader of the Truckers’ Union Paul Moyano, but close to Moyano they denied that the guild will take care of the technical details and pointed out that the stage will be provided by MILES, the match led by D’Elía.

The attacks are around a handful of decisions made by the highest court and rulings of lower courts that were endorsed by the supreme ones.

Although several national government officials openly spoke out in favor of the mobilization and replied to the criticism of the judges of the Court, spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti said last Thursday that the government “does not take a position on the marches organized by the social sectors.”

Cristina Caamaño
Cristina Caamañotelam

The controller of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) Cristina Caamaño supported the mobilization on more than one occasion but will not be present on Tuesday at Plaza Lavalle. “I agree with the mobilization of the 1F because the people are going to do it, the people to whom Justice always turns its back,” he said last week.

Near Caamaño they clarified to this medium that these statements were made in the capacity of president of Legitimate Justice and not as a national official. Yes, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat will attend Jorge Ferraresi, and the Director of Legal Affairs of the Senate Graciana Penafort. Other officials, such as the Vice Minister of Justice John Martin Mena and the security minister Hannibal Fernandez, They supported the initiative with criticism of the Judiciary but did not specify whether they will participate.

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