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Susana Giménez turned 78 and Mirtha Legrand wrote a striking phrase on networks

One of the great divas of Argentina, Susana Gimenez, celebrated a new birthday on Saturday and greetings from colleagues were not long in coming. The driver, who he celebrated his 78th with a very low profile, He did not stop receiving messages from his loved ones, among them, a very warm one from his colleague and friend, Mirtha Legrand, in which you could read a peculiar phrase that Chiqui attributed it to her remembered sister, Goldy, whom Giménez greatly appreciated and with whom she had a very close relationship.

Susana Giménez turned 78 on Saturday

On her Instagram account, Legrand posted a photo of Susana’s visit to her emblematic program, Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, and accompanied her a curious and funny text. Susan, happy birthday! Dear friend of a lifetime! Have a wonderful day as you deserve”, he wrote and added: “Remember what my beloved Goldy said: ‘One of two: either you have a birthday or you die’; Better comply! Hahaha. Take good care of yourself, I love you, Chiqui,” Legrand said in his message.

Yes OK Susana did not upload images of the celebration to her Instagram account, he did share in his Stories all the greetings that were coming to him during the day from his brothers, and from friends like Marley (who recorded a video with his son, Mirko), Teté Coustarot, and Wanda Nara, among many others.

A few days ago, the diva made headlines when on the América TV program, in the afternoon, Luis Ventura said that the driver had forgiven her ex, Jorge Rama, and that she was going to meet him again, precisely on Susana’s birthday. Surprisingly, Giménez took the phone and denied the information on the air, In addition to confirming that his, daughter Mercedes Sarrabayrouse, contracted coronavirus.

Susana Giménez denied Luis Ventura, got angry with Karina Mazzocco and confirmed that her daughter Mercedes Sarrabayrouse has Covid
Susana Giménez denied Luis Ventura, got angry with Karina Mazzocco and confirmed that her daughter Mercedes Sarrabayrouse has Covid

Will you let me talk to an open speaker?” The journalist asked Giménez. “The information came from the same people who gave me the information on the checkbooks,” Ventura tried to explain. “I don’t like the tenement”, expressed the diva. “The person who gave me the information about the theft of the checkbooks, the seven checks, the forgery of the signature, is the same person who called me now saying that Jorge Rama and his family were going to visit you.” Very annoyed, Susana replied: “But! I would have to be crazy and the guy too! The guy must be terrified of meeting me again. If that was never fixed. How can you say that? to which Ventura replied that he would have asked him, but that he did not have his phone to check. “For this, the only thing I ask you on my knees is that you do not give my phone. I changed it because they drove me crazy ”, he requested.

Minutes later, Susana “reproached” Ventura for consulting this type of information with his team, with Telefe or with his producer. The journalist replied that it was a very personal matter to discuss with third parties. “But what staff if it came out everywhere? You can ask anyone. Anyone knows. But that’s how I stay like a moron. How am I going to receive it, to forgive? They’re all crazy!”

At the same time, the host of the cycle, Karina Mazzocco, insisted in the background that she wanted to talk to her, given the diva’s refusal: “I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I don’t like that Karina dedicates herself to that, to speak ill of her friends.” “Never,” Mazzoco said.. “Susana”, continued Ventura, “don’t forget that at the opening of the season you spared the life of Huberto Roviralta, who was in your guest gallery. I was invited. They already separated [Ricardo] Darín, you lent him the truck the other day, Susi. You have a very good heart. You are very generous,” he remarked. “But Darín is my brother! But generous with the one who toils me? With the one who forged my signature? But how am I going to forgive a person… Sleeping with the enemy!” she exclaimed.

About the end of the talk, Ventura asked about Mecha’s health. “He tested positive for Covid the other day, when he went to Buenos Aires. He had tested negative for the PCR and now he tested positive when I had to come back,” he said. “Mecha was fine and does not go anywhere,” the diva concluded.

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