May 19, 2022 5:30 pm

River: a beginning of 2022 to start as 2021 ended and the promotion of projects for the future

After 55 days, the Monumental reopened its doors. River beat Platense 3-0 in the Angel Labruna Cup with around 40 thousand fans who returned to the stands after a close of 2021 and a frenetic start of 2022. Everything happened in between: the team won the Champions Trophy, the Leo Ponzio emblem was withdrawn, coach Marcelo Gallardo renewed for one year, the squad went to the South for the preseason and was reinforced with six renowned surnames for 2022 -Yesterday, Esequiel Barco signed, the sixth-. But the beginning of the management of President Jorge Brito has a central objective to go for more: the renovation of the stadium.

“Doll, Doll” It was the first cry that resounded in all sectors of the Monumental and that was repeated on successive occasions during the afternoon. The reunion with the coach who decided to continue at the helm of the team for another year was a long-awaited moment for the fans, who also enjoyed a good collective performance and the first touches of the reinforcements Gonzalez-Pierz and Thomas Pochettinoof good performances. Braian Romero, Enzo Fernandez and Jorge Carrascal they scored the goals in River’s first formal friendly of the year in the midst of an auspicious passing book.

Why did the Millionaire come out so strong on the market? “We knew it was a very competitive year. We try to live up to what River needs, I think we’re doing well and there’s a lot of expectation for what’s to come. We have the squad to compete. We add volume and hierarchy, said the president Jorge Brito on the TV broadcast and gave his opinion for the first time on the sale of Julián Álvarez to Manchester City. “Julian’s thing can be taken as an incorporation because it was likely that he was going to leave because of his recession clause. He is almost irreplaceable on the campus and will stay until July 7. There is a clause that speaks of the best efforts of the three parties so that it continues as long as River disputes the Copa Libertadores.

But, outside the market, the transformation of the Monumental is another central issue in Núñez at this time. The CD is analyzing three formal proposals for the stadium name: A supermarket chain, an oil company and a major multinational advance in an operation that would leave them with some 20 million dollars over a period of seven years, although the amounts and duration are still under discussion.

Jorge Carrascal scored River’s 3-0 against PlatenseTwitter @RiverPlate

“It is an issue that we are going to give a deep debate in the Assembly. People want a modernization and expansion of the stadium. The most important thing after football is that the stadium is up to the task. We want to provide greater comfort to our members and fans, and also more space in the Monumental because the stadium is too small for us. In these years the demand we had was the modernization of the club”, added Brito.

Juan Fernando Quintero, one of the luxury reinforcements, watched the game from outside
Juan Fernando Quintero, one of the luxury reinforcements, watched the game from outsidePhotobooks

“The work would begin after the hypothetical approval of the Assembly of representatives and the club does not lose the locality. The canvas area where there are advertisements there would be 4 new stalls. Today we have 72 thousand spectators and we are going for more than 83 thousand”added the new president. With the work, in addition, new boxes will be made, parking will be tripled and a restaurant will be built in the middle Centenario, which will have views of the River neighborhood and the playing field. A new Monumental is approaching.

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