May 17, 2022 7:55 am

Ricardo López Murphy, on the agreement with the IMF: “The opposition is not going to put obstacles to the Government”

Following the principle of understanding between the administration leading Alberto Fernandez and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by debt that was announced on Friday, the first favorable signs of Together for Change (JxC) are beginning to appear in terms of a possible accompaniment in Congress. “The opposition is not going to put obstacles to the Government”, said today the national deputy Ricardo López Murphy, of the United Republicans space -which is part of the opposition coalition-, despite the fact that he made some reservations by stating that “the details” of the agreement are not known.

“Let’s let [la gestión de Fernández] can resolve this complex issue with multilateral organizations and the Paris Club. It would be very bad for governability if the opposition obstructed that effort,” indicated in Radio With You the legislator, who even contrasted: “The Government has been complained about for two years why it took so long, generated so much uneasiness, caused so much anguish, delayed many investments and things that people did not know what to expect. I think that was the great cost, the two-year delay.”

For her part, the president of Pro, Patricia Bullrich, pointed at miter radio earlier than “JxC is not going to deny financing” to the Government. “When we say ‘we want to see the fine print’ we are not saying that this conditions the vote in Congress, because Congress does not vote for that. Congress votes on the financing,” he stated.

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