May 23, 2022 7:44 am

Queen Elizabeth II finds replacement for Meghan Markle




The decision of the Queen isabel II is unappealable: Meghan Markle (40 years old) officially ceases to be the person in charge of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Theatre, which passes into the hands of Camilla Parker-Bowles (74). The Duchess of Sussex, an actress of recognized international prestige thanks to the series ‘Suits’, had always shown weakness for a job that allowed her to get closer to the artists of her guild.

With this decision, the Queen once again focuses on the Duchess of Cornwall, whose disappointment at not finding moral support in Buckingham Palace until now had been conveniently leaked to the British press through close sources. Camilla already wanted that position in 2019, when it was granted to Meghan, but revenge is served cold: she had to wait a short time to see how a dream that she already hinted at was fulfilled when she participated in the delivery of the prestigious Olivier Awards in October 2020: “I believe in theater”, began his speech.

“It is the cornerstone of a rich and fertile cultural life, a forum for debate, and a powerful means of building community. Perhaps most importantly, those of us who believe in theater also believe in its recovery. I want to thank you for your determination and flexibility. Please stand firm because we need you,” he begged in the middle of the pandemic.

It was precisely in those months that were so hard for the theater when Camilla, together with the Prince of Wales, began his contacts with different companies, from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Theater Royal to London’s Soho Theatre. From the ‘Times’ to the ‘Mirror’ they remember that the duchess’s first contact with the stage was in a performance of ‘Robin Hood’, the school function of the Dumbrells School, in East Sussex, where she was studying primary. Although last year she gladly accepted the challenge from screenwriter Peter James, author of the series ‘Grace’ produced by the private ITV network, when he visited the set, nothing is known about his appearance on the small screen. Perhaps it is the perfect time to once again demonstrate her skills as an actress, competing with her sister-in-law. Meghan will always have a living from stories.

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