May 18, 2022 1:29 am

More variable weather in the first days of February, here the forecast

The anticyclonic blockade that has prevented the passage of fronts and storms to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands during the month of January will give a small and momentary truce in the first days of February, when we expect some changes.

Jose Miguel Vinas 2 min

for now, Sunday will continue to dominate the dry and sunny weather in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, noticing a rise in maximum temperatures, in contrast to the minimum night temperatures, which will continue to be quite low, with frosts in large areas of the interior of the peninsula.

On Monday and Tuesday the skies will be cloudy in the extreme north of the peninsula, with light rains in the Eastern Bay of Biscay and north of Navarre, as well as some minor snowfall in the Pyrenees. These days we will notice a drop in temperatures, recovering on Wednesday.

In the final stretch of next week, a new temperature drop and precipitation is expected, which will be in the form of snow in mountain areas.

The change of time will arrive from Thursday. That day an Atlantic situation will begin, with the arrival of a colder air mass that will cause a temperature drop. On Thursday the skies will cloud over on the Peninsula, although there is still no rain.

On Friday it will rain in areas of the north, center and west of the peninsula, reaching the south and the Mediterranean area on Saturday. That day and on Sunday the temperatures will drop, the winds will pick up and it will snow in mountain areas.

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