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Mar del Plata: 3 plays starring women

For those who are this summer for Mar del Plata and they want to see theater starring women, we recommend these 3 works: “Radojka”, “Two crazy women” Y “Mothers.”

The common denominator is in the close, incisive and masterfully uncomfortable dialogues. Anger, morale, exhaustion are also condiments that are present and manage to ignite the spark of reflection and questions when leaving the theater.

In OHLA! We talk with its protagonists about the history of each work, the construction of its characters and some details that are worth knowing before going to see them.

What would you be willing to do to keep your job? Slide the question into the promotional slogan. The story is centered on the work of two middle-aged women who are cared for by an elderly Serbian woman, after whom the work is named.

A deadly accident at Radojka’s house demands Gloria (Patricia Palmer) and Lucia (Victoria Contreras) make decisions that they would never have imagined. The old woman, who died in the bathtub after an oversight by her caretakers, pushes them to the brink of madness. What decisions do they make? How many paths are possible in despair?

Patricia Palmer tells OHLALÁ!: “Radojka highlights the lack of opportunity in the labor market for women over 50. It is what we all suffer and it is terrible, as if there were a cult of youth that leaves out and despise the experience. That is the issue that drives these two women to madness.” And he reflects: “I think that exclusion, like any exclusion, is violence and as such is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being: feeling that it is useless.”

Gloria, her character, was composed from that point of view, “as someone who wants to save herself from exclusion”, and for that reason she “machines” how to escape from losing what little she has left, her job.

Radojka stars Patricia Palmer and Victoria Contreras.

Victoria Carreras puts herself in the shoes of Lucía. In dialogue with OHLALÁ! He talks about the reasons why he did not hesitate to accept the proposal. “The main one, doing theater with Patricia again.” Being directed by Rinaldi and at the Provincial Theater, iconic in Mar del Plata, and the script also added up. “Radojka is masterfully written in the vein of comedy, a genre in which I feel comfortable and in which I believe I have a lot to offer as an artist,” she says. “When there are no alternatives, as it happens to the two protagonists, the circumstances become fierce. There is an instinct of preservation in the human being that, given the lack of alternatives, turns him into a ferocious animal”.

Palmer provides another interesting observation: “The authors put the characters with back pain all the time and that is not a minor fact. It connotes to me a life above that back, without triumph, a life of frustration, of having been excluded from love, family and, now, possibly work. Gloria is a woman who wants to survive this wild system that we all live in, and much more so as women, and that awakens many emotions and reflections”.

Written by the Uruguayans Fernando Schmidt and Christian Ibarzabal and directed by Diego Rinaldi, the play is one of the great successes of the season.

Functions: Monday and Tuesday

Provincial Theater: Boulevard Marítimo 2544. Tel: (0223) 493-7786

Instagram: @palmerpatriciaactress @victoriacarrerasoficial @ radojka.laobra

We can also laugh at the tragic. What family doesn’t have some complex bonding plot to overcome? If there are, they are not abundant. And it is not the case of the story they star Soledad Silveyra Y Veronica Llinas in “Two crazy women”, a tragicomedy directed by Manuel González Gil that, from a delirious style, narrates the reunion of two sisters who had not seen each other for 20 years due to past circumstances and who are now forced to overcome their differences in the middle of a hilarious duel.

For the first time, two icons of the national theater come together in the same play to make people laugh and think about the inevitable and sometimes unbearable family ties.

In dialogue with Soledad Silveyra we know a little behind the scenes: “With Vero [Llinás] we have the same values, and although we are two actresses from different backgrounds, that helped a lot in our creative process. Because the delirium had to be made plausible. So we sweated the shirt, we had to get our egos out of the way, and build these two crazy women in a believable and delirious way. Obviously we got it because the public agrees with us”.

Soledad Silveyra and Verónica Llinás star in the tragicomedy Dos locas de remate.
Soledad Silveyra and Verónica Llinás star in the tragicomedy Dos locas de remate.

When Catalina (Silveyra), a “loser”, goes to her younger sister Julia (Llinás) to ask her for a house after being homeless, conflict becomes a key ingredient. Catalina perceives herself as a weak and needy woman and considers that her sister has to take her in. Julia is a discriminating woman without filters, classist and intolerant and is forced to provide help in total disagreement. The result is a plot with thick, fleeting, highly intelligent and hilarious dialogue.

“That people can laugh at the most terrible things in a family is great, it generates an identification that makes us very happy. That’s why, beyond what we give on stage, I think that’s why that moving applause happens, because people start reflecting. We have received messages from sisters who became friends after coming to see us, to give an example. It is a great challenge and extremely gratifying for us to do this work”, recognizes Solita.

Functions: Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.

Mar del Plata Theater: Av. Pedro Luro 2335

Entry price: from $1900

Instagram: @agenciaraquelflotta @soledad_solita_silveyra

“Mothers” is a comedy that was all the rage off-Broadway and premiered in Buenos Aires last year. Due to its success, it arrived at the Provincial Theater of Mar del Plata to challenge women (and men) throughout the season about the tasks that mothers assume.

This musical tells the story of four women who are friends and share their very different experiences and perspectives on the experiences of their own motherhood. The cast is made up of sabrina garciarena (Dani), butte flower (Nina), Viviana Door (Barby) and Luly Drozdek (Maru).

Luly Drozdek tells OHLALÁ! about her character and motherhood “side b”, which directly challenges her since she is the mother of 2-year-old Delfina. “I was very struck by the way motherhood is approached without romanticizing it,” she introduces. “Here we talk about postpartum depression, about octopus mothers like my character (Maru), who do everything at the same time, from mothering, working, talking on the cell phone. There is talk of incontinence, something common after a natural childbirth, of hemorrhoids. It also talks about the real patience that a mother has and that losing her is also part of it.”

The cast of Madres is made up of Sabrina Garciarena, Flor Otero, Viviana Puerta and Luly Drozdek.
The cast of Madres is made up of Sabrina Garciarena, Flor Otero, Viviana Puerta and Luly Drozdek.

The play is told with a lot of humor. Whether or not you are a mother, laughter inevitably comes because we all have mothers or partners or friends who are. “Humor is the most intelligent way of telling something that makes us uncomfortable talking, and it also works very well with the public, opening up post-work debate,” says Luly. He says: “We have spoken with married couples and women who ask themselves at the end of the play: ‘Hey, did it happen to you too?’”.

“My character is the professional mother of the group. She empathizes with many mothers since there are more and more women who, in addition to being a mother, work all day, keep the house and take on the upbringing. There are days when we don’t have the time. We do the same.”

Madres is directed by Josefina Pieres, with general production by Carlos L. Mentasti and Valentina Berger (GO Broadway Productions).

Provincial Theater: Boulevard Marítimo 2544

Functions: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Price: from $1570

Instagram: @madreslaobra @lulydrozdek

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