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‘Escape’ of thieves from the center to Ciudad Lineal: “We register an average of 40 robberies a day”




Theft is the crime, by far, the most numerous of the entire criminal catalog. The latest official statistics from the Ministry of the Interior speak of in the Community of Madrid an average of 280 a day is reported. And those are only the ones that are brought to the attention of the police and the
Civil Guard
. “There is a very large dark figure,” patrol experts point out.

The more lax situation of the measures against Covid has meant a greater number of people on the streets, and therefore of these thieves. However, sources from the Municipal and National Police agree that the district of Ciudad Lineal (216,000 registered inhabitants) has been registering an alarming rise in careless robberies since December: « They are moving from the center, the most tourist areas, and from the Barrio de Salamanca, like Goya and Serrano, to this neighborhood».

The diagnosis is similar from both bodies: «Police pressure in the most central areas has grown, and several clans are moving to this area outside the M-30. In addition, patrolling on foot in civilian clothes is practically non-existent here, ”add sources from the local Corps.

Since December, with the start of the Christmas campaign, there have been four or five clans detected by agents operating in Ciudad Lineal, coming from the center. They are between 15 and 20 people who move, above all, through the most commercial streets of the neighborhood, such as Alcalá and adjacent streets; but also in shopping centers and the interchange of the square that has the name of the neighborhood.

The ‘crutch’ technique

“They go in small groups of three or four individuals and above all they practice the ‘crutch’ technique”, consisting of covering one arm with a coat, for example, so that they cannot be seen to put their hands in their bags or pockets of their victims. «One does the ‘crutch’ and steals; passes it to a buddy; and this one to another, who leaves with the loot. There may be a room watching, ”explains an agent.

The time slots are distributed. Some work in the district in the morning and others in the afternoon ‘shift’. They are, above all, criminals of foreign origin, such as Latin Americans (Peruvian and Colombian, in the lead) and Romanian nomads. There are, in fact, some small settlements of the latter in the area of ​​the bridge of Ventas and El Carmen.

Recently, a woman entered the well-known restaurant El Montero de Cazorla, on Cipriano Sánchez street, as if she were a client. Y he took a small safe in which he had stored around 400 euros.

Food sold to Chinese

The robberies are street, but also inside shops, such as supermarket chains or Alcalá Norte. “We are collecting from the order 15 to 20 bags every day, which are only the ones brought to us by citizens who find them, already empty, when thieves throw them away after stealing them from their victims. And those that do not recover are unimaginable. We’ve been like this for about two months, and things are increasing. We register an average of 40 thefts a day, ”a municipal agent tells ABC.

“Christmas was horrible. Because the criminal does not change; At best, rest. What changes is the ‘address’ as well as the jacket. It is true that there are fewer moon landings and butrons, but stores are still a place for robberies, “they add.

To top it off, it’s not just wallets or mobile phones anymore. Rather, they often go after housewives who come to do the shopping, as also occurs in the Sales Market, one of the largest in the capital and located in one of the busiest and most populous areas of Ciudad Lineal. « The vast majority of these crooks have at least one background page (each is ten reviews). The ages are varied, from 60 years old and below. These new clans are not the ones that already had minors or Latino gangs, which continue to exist, “they clarify.

Other goods that they steal are food and drinks: “80% are received by some owners of Chinese establishments in the neighborhood, who resell them.”

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