May 27, 2022 11:45 am

Coronavirus Valencia today: new restrictions and covid passport until March



20:25List of new cases of coronavirus in the 542 municipalities of the Valencian Community
The vast majority of localities in the region are at extreme risk of spread.
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20:25Immunity against Ómicron: the third dose of the vaccine prevents the coronavirus in two out of three toilets
A study by the Generalitat Valenciana confirms that the booster puncture limits contagion by 63 percent.
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20:25Restrictions due to the coronavirus and covid passport in the Valencian Community until February 28
The requirement of the certificate to access certain spaces will be valid for another month.
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20:25List of the 489 municipalities of the Valencian Community at extreme risk due to the coronavirus
A total of 109 localities exceed five thousand Covid-19 infections per hundred thousand inhabitants.
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20:25I have tested positive for coronavirus: what do I do and how do I request sick leave in the Valencian Community
Consult here the necessary protocols and procedures.

20:25The collapse in Primary Care due to the coronavirus leads to “insults and aggressions” against Valencian health workers
Health asks the municipalities to reinforce police surveillance in health centers where incidents are being recorded.
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20:25These are the cities of the Valencian Community with the highest risk of contagion of coronavirus
Villareal, Castellón and Alcoy lead the classification with more than five thousand Covid-19 infections per hundred thousand inhabitants.
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20:25Ximo Puig speaks about the restrictions due to the coronavirus for the Fallas of 2022
The president of the Generalitat summons the final decision on the measures for the festivities to the last days of February.
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