May 18, 2022 9:38 pm

Coronavirus: self-tests began to be marketed this weekend on the Atlantic coast

This weekend they began to be marketed in the Atlantic Coast the first autotests for Covid-19. The debut was on Saturday, first thing in the morning, in the pharmacies of the different spa destinations. Each one received just a dozen units of the only brand that is being distributed so far: Immunobio, a rapid antigen test imported from China offered at $1,650.

Today, in some places of Mar del Plata The first delivery had already been sold out, while in others there were still some units, according to the survey carried out THE NATION in more than a dozen pharmacies, mainly downtown. In Mar de Ajó and Villa Gesell they still had stock and they asked to concur with the data of who would use the sample to be able to complete the affidavit and the online registration of the sale in the Pharmaceutical Authorization System (Siafar), which is co-managed by the Argentine Pharmaceutical Confederation (COFA), the Federation of Pharmacies of the Argentine Republic (Fefara) and the Argentine Federation of Chambers of Pharmacies (Facaf). In Pinamar, today could not find outlets.

The first shipment of self-tests for Covid-19 arrived on the Atlantic coast this Saturday and, in a few hours, most pharmacies ran out of stock. Mario Della Maggiora, president of College of Pharmacists of General Pueyrredón, confirmed that in this first delivery an equitable distribution of ten units was made for each authorized pharmacy. “At the moment only one brand has arrived,” he assured.

The self-tests began to be marketed this weekend on the Atlantic coast Mauro Rizzi

From the COFA confirmed that Immunobio is the only product that is being delivered and that, in the first hours of dispensation, “more than 50 records” of users had been incorporated into Siafar, who, within the next seven days, must report the result.

“We are hopeful that this downward curve will continue [de casos de Covid] that was evidenced during the last days – Della Maggiora pointed out -. For the good of all, it is desirable that we do not have to need large amounts of these self-tests”.

The self-test is being offered at locations on the Atlantic coast at $1,650. In Miter Pharmacy, from the Mar del Plata corner of Avenida Colón and Miter, indicated that they had stock. In other places consulted during the tour of THE NATION They pointed out that in less than 24 hours they ran out of the few units they had received. “The data spread quickly and they were sold between yesterday and today morning,” they explained.

Immunobio, the only one of the approved self-tests that reached pharmacies
Immunobio, the only one of the approved self-tests that reached pharmaciesMauro Rizzi

In others seaside resorts, the number of units delivered was lower, although always with the same high demand. There they also hope that in the course of this week there will be a sustained distribution.

Initially, there would be a stock of 50,000 units from a single importer to distribute throughout the country through drugstores. “Other of the approved brands are promising their products for the first and second half of February. And a brand, for March”, he told this medium last week Ricardo Pesenti, member of the COFA board of directors.

Now, on the coast, the expectation is that in the course of this week products from other laboratories will finally begin to arrive and in quantities that will depend on demand. In Mar del Plata, a trend towards a decrease in infections was expected today, which had record numbers during the last five weeks.

In other tourist places in the country, such as Villa Carlos Paz (Cordoba) and Tandil (province of Buenos Aires), the pharmacies still did not have the self-assessment tests for sale.

The same thing happened in pharmacies of the Capital or in the southern area of ​​Buenos Aires, such as Lanus or Avellaneda. In these cases, today there was still no information on when they would start receiving the tests that this month Anmat enabled for self-assessment, in addition to professional use for those that had already been imported. In neighborhood pharmacies like Caballito, Palermo, Villa Crespo and Belgrano open today, toured by THE NATION, the staff did not know when they would have the product. In all of them, the orders had already been placed and were waiting for the delivery notice.

In Mar del Plata (photo), Villa Gesell and Mar de Ajó self-tests are available
In Mar del Plata (photo), Villa Gesell and Mar de Ajó self-tests are available Mauro Rizzi

The high demand for tests due to this new wave of infections on the coast would have been one of the criteria when directing the first shipments of Jayor, one of the two firms that registered the Immunobio self-test (Hangzhou Immuno Biotech CO Ltd), which is also imported from China by the Argentine firm Vyam Group SRL, according to the documentation issued by the regulatory authority.

“It can happen that two different companies bring the same product. Each company has to register it”, they explained from the Anmat before the query for this double registration of the same product.

The other four tests that Anmat reported having registered for self-assessment and free sale are those of Abbott, Roche and the rosarino laboratory Wiener, in addition to a fifth that, as indicated to this medium last week, imports the firm Asserca.

On Wednesday of last week, the Argentine Union of Pharmacists and Biochemists (Safyb) denounced in a press conference that “of the 11 rapid tests approved by Anmat, only some were ‘chosen’ to be marketed in pharmacies. Only some laboratories were authorized to sell to the public – indicated the head of the guild, Marcelo Peretta–. Almost a month after the belated measure, to date no autotests in all pharmacies because Anmat decided to change the category of registration and presentation to differentiate them from those for professional use, when in reality they are the same”.

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