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Benjamín Vicuña showed the antics of his daughter Magnolia on the set of Miénteme

In a new stage in his life, separated from Eugenia “la China” Suarez and starting a new love relationship with Eli SulichinBenjamín Vicuña showed that he is living his 43 years to the full. The actor works on various film projects, he moved and soon will face the sports competition Ironman Argentina. Although his work schedule is intense, continue to spend quality time with your children and share some of the tender moments with his followers on social networks.

Vicuna recently posted on his Instagram account a filming where Magnolia is seen, fruit of their relationship with China, having fun and playing on the set of the movie Lie to Me, which has Vicuña as the protagonist along with Florence Pena. As stated Paparazzi, the girl would make a brief appearance in the film.

Magnolia’s adventures on the set of Lie to me

Magnolia is about to turn four and usually accompanies his father and mother to their artistic works, whether they are shoots, modeling campaigns or brand events. On this occasion, the girl is also part of the new challenge that Vicuña and he reflected his emotion in the video where her daughter runs through the middle of a coat rack decorated with streamers during breaks in filming.

In the images he shared with his 2.4 million followers, the girl is seen when run and jump through the coat rack. For their part, the producers, technicians and artists who were there applaud her, as does Peña, who motivates her to be encouraged to play. “Come on Magnolia. Come on!”, expressed the actress while all eyes were on the girl.

Towards the end of the recording, you can see Vicuña very proud while filming her daughter’s playtime on her phone, totally captivated by the innocence and happiness that the girl reflects.

The emotion of Benjamín Vicuña to see his daughter Magnolia having fun on the set of the movie Lie to meCapture

the protagonist of the red son He shared some stories on his Instagram account where he was seen together with Magnolia (3) and Amancio (1), the two children he had with China Suárez, and with Benicio (7), the youngest of the children she had with Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain. Although the model and host is on vacation with her other children and with Roberto Garcia Moritan in Punta del Este, the minor preferred to stay in Buenos Aires with his father and his little brothers.

In the photographs, the actor could be seen with the children in the pool of his new house in Barrio Parque, property to which he incorporated a room for each of his children. One of the postcards captured the moment when Vicuña and the three little ones posed inside the pool, very buddies and happy for the shared moment.

The actor held Amancio and Magnolia, while the latter was playing with a water gun with Benicio that was in front of them. The image transmitted Confidence and good vibes between the family.

For the heat of the southern summer, the actor played with three of his children in the pool (Credit: Instagram/@benjaminvicuna.ok)
For the heat of the southern summer, the actor played with three of his children in the pool (Credit: Instagram/@benjaminvicuna.ok)

In the beginning of 2022, the actor reflected on his life and also shared an image with his children on Instagram, which he accompanied with a message full of emotion. “Everything moves and transforms. We must be as flexible as possible so as not to break. Water will always be an example and inspiration. Water is life and healthy”, thus began the text he wrote.

On the other hand, he took advantage of the moment to talk about the weather and expressed that “The years passed like chapters well written by a mysterious actor”. Next, he commented that each person was the owner of his life and his story, and that at that time of year it was difficult not to fall into balances and remember everything that happened during the year.

I wish you learning. May wounds heal, may laughter last, may water abound, may we face our years with the pride of the struggle and our own power”, continued the message, and then added that the strength and ability to adapt of the human being, were useful and necessary on a daily basis. “We are restless, happy and curious humans. We are what we want to be”, Hill.

Nowadays, the actor has all the expectations in his new movies who find him as the protagonist for 2022, and in turn showed that her children are her priority, thus sharing fun and tender moments with them.

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