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Embarking on the study of a master’s degree can change your life, at least professionally. Depending on the age and aspirations of each one, Postgraduate studies are one of the best tools to enter the job market, take a professional leap, reinvent yourself or start a business. The skills that are acquired, beyond specialization, open many doors and generate an important network of contacts.

A Sergio Sanjuan Samaniego, 45 years old, the master’s degree has allowed him to change jobs and sectors. This Madrilenian trained in ADE had been working in commercial banking for 20 years, especially in the field of business and corporate banking. «Taking advantage of confinement, I decided to start a recycling process», explains Sanjuan.

«I chose the IEB, because it is a benchmark in Finance training, which was where I wanted to focus my career. I went from a more general training to something more specialized,” he adds. It began with a Master’s Degree in the Stock Market and Financial Markets, followed by a Course on the Construction and Analysis of Financial Models and finally with the Specialization Program in Debt Advisory: Financing Alternatives, all at the IEB.

The master’s degree and subsequent specialization courses have been decisive in finding a new job opportunity, holding the position of Business Development at Aexx Capital for a month. «I became an alumni of the IEB, I went to the job market to see what offers there were and I found gold…», indicates. In addition, they informed him of the professional advice service where he conducted an interview to find out his possibilities while adapting his CV to the most up-to-date selection methods. For Sergio changing jobs was not difficult. “After 20 years doing the same thing, in four different banks, I was a bit tired,” he admits. In his case, he likes studying, “before he had done a lot of online training to keep up to date, a master’s degree in English, a management development program… I’ve never thrown away the books,” he adds.

At his age, with a long career, going back to class with younger people has been a good experience. «The new generations are very prepared in terms of languages», highlights. He knew it was a risky bet because he is too senior for some positions and he was willing to sacrifice aspects such as salary in order to gain experience. Everything has gone well, he is happy in the non-bank investment part, “where I see that there is a great future.”

Patricia Diaz-Shopkeeper, 37 years old, is currently studying the EMBA at Esade. Doctor in Psychology, she has a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport. Studies that he has combined with work and all of this, “although from different things, it has been adding to me and I feel that I have been building upwards,” he says. Specialized in the performance of sports teams, has collaborated with soccer teams and has been an advisor to the Spanish Olympic Sailing Team during two Olympic campaigns, in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, encouraging athletes to achieve excellence.

“For 13 years I have dedicated myself to studying how to win a medal in the field of human performance,” says the young woman. His goal now is to generate a culture of high performance in companies. “My goal is to transform the concept of productivity into that of performance and well-being. When you perform on a task, you are more productive. I want people to develop their best performance, to be useful for companies”, he adds. To make the leap from sports to business, he chose the Executive MBA because he needed a global vision of the company and management. A year after starting, he says he is “super happy with the decision I made and with the school. The class part, content, pedagogy, is being incredible… You are surrounded by a lot of talent, you learn from the alumni and the teachersIt makes you grow and pushes you to do things you thought you weren’t capable of. The MBA is being a great experience».


Carlos Moreno Moron, Madrid, 30 years old, began studying Computer Engineering but a year later he switched to Economics and then to a double degree in Law and Business Administration at CEU San Pablo University. Soon his entrepreneurial facet was seen as part, even as a student, from initiatives such as Start in CEU and the CEU Entrepreneurs Club. Later, he completed the Master’s Degree for Access to the Lawyers’ Profession and subsequently a Degree in Business Law.

For Carlos, this training was decisive in starting and setting up his own professional office. “It has been a very practical course, with many professors from law firms, we did mock trials, which is where you realize if you have a passion for this profession,” he says. She did her master’s internship in a small office, which is what she wanted, to learn many new things, without specializing from the start because “when you start a business you have to dedicate yourself to what you know how to do, but also have generic knowledge of many subjects”. He believes that in Spain there is often a fear of entrepreneurship, it takes a long time to do and «it should be done when you are young, you take risks and it is an effort. But you should not be afraid of ignorance, “he adds.

In addition to having his professional office (Duo, lawyers and advisors), he is involved in other projects, such as the association Eromex, where they collaborate with Mexican entrepreneurs to advise and train on the economic and commercial possibilities of products manufactured in Mexico in bilateral relations with Spain and Europe. And he is also involved in a video game production company, which has developed the award-winning Disembodied.

Alexander Perez Andres, 24 years old, also from Madrid, went to study in Malaga at the age of 16, where he studied a degree in Industrial Technology Engineering. To be a Senior Engineer, he chose to do a Master’s degree from the UNED that allowed him to combine it with a job at Hilti, already on his return to Madrid. «The pandemic arrived, I lost my job and moved to the Czech Republic, from where I was able to continue studying the master’s degree while working in another company. For me, the master’s degree at UNED had that advantage. I was able to do it at the time I could, working, from another country… and in two years. You learn to take time from where there is none. It has its difficulties, but in the end you learn everything and you adapt to the way each teacher teaches”, says the young man.

His experience has served him for a new leap in his still short career. Once he delivered his master’s thesis, he opted to get together with a fellow student and set up his own business,, with which they hope to democratize investment in art.

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